Which Is Better for Your Weight — Soybean Oil or Sugar?

I’m Shelby Cullinan with today’s health news.
A new study found that soybean oil — the most popular edible oil in the US — may
be a bigger contributor to obesity than fructose and coconut oil. The study team gave mice
four different diets with the same amount of calories, 40 percent of which came from
fat. According to these researchers, this amount of fat is comparable to what many Americans
currently consume. After 32 weeks, Dr. Deol and team found that mice on the soybean oil
diet had gained 25 percent more weight than those on a coconut oil diet. Many of these
mice also had fatty livers and diabetes. These mice also gained 9 percent more weight than
those on the coconut oil and fructose diet. According to the study team, because this
study did not cover soybean oil’s effects on heart health, it should not be deemed conclusive
or as a reason to refrain from using the oil completely. Always speak with your doctor
about a healthy diet for you.