What if everyone went Vegetarian? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time What if everyone went vegetarian? Then I will turn Pizzaterian. No. Meat industry require a lot of land to feed
and maintain livestock. This leads to deforestation and an increase
in greenhouse gases. Turning vegetarian would free up that land. Restoring at least 70% of it to natural forests. Thus cooling the planet. Also, today there are around 1 billion cows. Who excrete large amounts of methane. Methane is a deadly poisonous gas, 20 times
more harmful than other greenhouse gases. Cutting out meat would decrease methane in
the atmosphere. Human deaths would also go down. Chronic illnesses, cancers, strokes, etc. Would drastically reduce, leading to reduced
medical costs as well. However, the meat industry generates a lot
of employment. We would need to think of alternative employment
measures if everybody goes vegetarian. But the overall positive impact on the climate,
our health and the planet cannot be ignored. How tattoo removal works? With the help of waxing strips. No. A permanent tattoo consists of various colored
particles. It can be removed with the help of lasers. Lasers emit light of different wavelengths. The colored particles absorb these wavelengths
of light, get heated up and break into smaller pieces. Making it easy for immune cells to eat and
excrete them out, thus removing the tattoo. Now, since every color absorbs a specific
wavelength more than the other. Different colors need different laser wavelengths. Black color is easiest to remove. Because it absorbs almost all wavelengths and breaks into smaller pieces. However, other colors like red, green, orange,
blue, etc. require special lasers. Why is there a hole in the ozone layer? Because I punctured it. Alright. Now listen. Normally, an oxygen molecule contains 2 oxygen
atoms. But in the upper atmosphere. There exists an oxygen molecule which contains
3 oxygen atoms. This molecule is called ozone. The ozone molecules form a layer around the
earth called the ozone layer. This layer absorbs the sun’s harmful ultraviolet
radiation and thus, protects us. But a time came. When the production of human-made chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs increased a lot. These CFCs began to break more and more and
more oxygen molecules. Thus thinning or depleting the ozone layer. This depleting ozone layer is termed as ozone
hole. However, now-a-days due to awareness, the production of CFCs has reduced to a significant amount. As a result, the ozone layer is slowly but
surely getting replenished. Why do we feel butterflies in our stomach? Because I have invited them to my party. No. Butterflies in our stomach are basically caused
by our autonomic nervous system or ANS. ANS regulates our involuntary functions like
heartbeat, blood flow, digestion, etc. Also, during stressful situations such as
when a ferocious animal comes in front of us. A part of ANS called the sympathetic nervous
system prepares our body for fight or flight. This means, it redirects blood from other
parts of the body to mostly our hands and legs. So that they get sufficient oxygen and nutrients
and thus, help us fight or flight. So then why do we feel butterflies in our
stomach? It is believed that since blood is redirected
from the stomach. Millions of sensory nerves in it detect a
sudden decrease in oxygen. Hence, in response to this, the nerve cells
create the feeling of butterflies. Also, because of blood redirection, it is
thought that the stomach contracts. Thus contributing to the feeling of butterflies.