Vegetarianism: Why and How to Become A Vegetarian? P.1

Vegetarianism is the current issue in the society. It’s the best issue in the modern society. All the celebrities, they begin to think about vegetarianism. I think we are all supposed to be
vegetarian. We are born as vegetarian. Our teeth don’t match with those animals who are born to be non-vegetarian. Their teeth are sharp. They have claws. To grab any animals. They can digest the raw meat without washing. Without cleaning. A human cannot even digest raw
meat unless it is cleaned very well. Think about if the person eats beef. A cow
drinks dirty water from outside in the fields. The grass is not clean. It is dusty. And they eat that. With it there are
a lot of insects, bugs, they eat. Even though they are vegetarian, cows. But they
still don’t eat clean food like humans do. We have to think about if we can be like animals, eating,
we cannot digest even normal water, forget the meat or vegetables. If we want to eat vegetables or fruit, we need to
clean still. Then our system can take it easily. Remember, human’s intestines are the longest one. Animal’s intestines are very short. The meat they eat…A lion eats meat.
He eats maybe 50 lbs or 80 lbs of meat. And can digest it because intestines are small. Human intestines are very long. So if we eat even, human eat meat, after cooking even, cleaning, cooking, become
very light with spices, with any other thing we put in it… To make it like bacteria-free. Still it takes
3 days to digest it. So that’s why it is already spoiled in our intestines. And we get sick. We get cancer, we can get high blood pressure,
we can get also lot of arteries in the heart get blocked. Because the beef has the most highest cholesterol. So never eat it. That’s what I say. In Hindu mythology they used to eat beef
I guess, in the beginning, because our ancestors, they were hunters. Unfortunately, their blood is flowing in our blood vessels, too, still. Maybe we need to make that blood very pure to be just act opposite. So, in the Hindu mythology, they realized thousands of years ago, thousands
of years ago, and they declared cow as a sacred cow. Because they knew somehow that beef is not good
for health. It is full of cholesterol. So, if you consider animal is sacred, how can kill it? They consider cow is like a mother, because
we are raised by the cow’s milk. It is a second mother. I think it is first
mother. We always drink milk as a baby. So the animal rights started because of this reason not to kill. It is like Krishna’s time. One of
Krishna’s cousins, he was a Jain tirthankara. He has this vision. And Krishna arranged his wedding. They were going to
the wedding to the other kingdom with thousands of people in the wedding. And as soon as they reached that city
where the wedding supposed to take place… So that city, as soon as they enter there were
thousands of cows and big animals, they were there. And there was a fence around, they cannot jump out. A big boundary. And he asked, “Why all these animals, they are
here?” “Sir,” the charioteer answered him, “it is for your wedding.” They are all meat-eaters. It seems like Krishna was in it.
Maybe Krishna was himself vegetarian, but the other people, who knows? Then he ordered, “Free them all.” Charioteer has to
open the door and all the animals ran out. That was the first animal rights started in the world. And they felt compassion, and then he not
only that, he ordered the charioteer, And there was a big hill, it is
called Girnar. It is still existing. It is a big hill. And he went there and he became a monk. He felt so
compassionate for animals he couldn’t resist to not be a regular person. He became a monk. And he became enlightened. He was the Jain 22nd tirthankara. Out of 24. He started animal rights. Then Krishna has to start anyway. So
Krishna, you see Krishna with cows always. Because that is the cousin he loved the most, his brother. And he left the kingdom and he became enlightened person. So, Krishna followed his message to the world. And you Krishna everywhere with cows. Everywhere he played
the flute and cows are just in peace, balanced. They are in trance. Even animal can
go in trance if they know it.