Vegetables You Can Plant in Your Garden During July

Alright, this is John in growing your
in another exciting episode 48. This episode is dedicated for you guys living
in the Phoenix area too, sun, anywhere around this area. Today we are at Vilardi Gardens and this is
a whole sale nursery so like a home grower you cannot come here like I am specially invited
here, because, I am gonna make a video for you guys, In which I am gonna show that what
the local growers do, like this is one of my favorite growers because, they grow all
natural chemical free right and that’s important for me and I know that’s important for you
guys, like you guys go to big box stores and get those Bonnie plants, right! don’t kid
yourself, they spray those things and they cannot even tell what they are spraying on
and that’s’ really terrible, that’s why I support local growers like this today
you know Vilardi garden another thing is that here in Vilardi gardens they grow the crops
at right time and right season. I mean I am here at July and July is like
mid of summer. It’s like 100+ degrees centigrade and most
of say you cannot plant in Arizona and Las Vegas in July. It’s too hot bull hockey, If you guys have
the right plants, If you guys have the plants that can naturalize and can grow in this star
weather, you guys can grow any time of the year. So what I am gonna show you guys right now
are plants that you can grow right now in gardens. It’s not too late to grow in phoenix Las
Vegas or in the surroundings or in similar areas. If your plant have the original stuff and
Vilardi Gardens got cover you all you around. Before I start I would like to tell you guys
from where you can get your plants, you can visit, can and on air is
a list of different retailers so you can go to local nurseries to buy these plants. When you go to nurseries make sure you ask
for vilardi gardens plants start those are the recommended ones in town, make a head
I am going to show you guys the stuff they grow here and I am going to pick some stuff
and take back to Las Vages today. So as you guys can see they got all these
pepper. These peppers look amazing. They are in 31/2 inch pots. And I am gonna show you one of these guys. How nice healthy plants all natural growing
no chemicals used. We gonna go ahead and pop this guy up. I am gonna show you guys this look at root
structure they are really nice roots look at it. They are not like impact; they are not like
growing around in circles. These guys are ready to grow inside ground
in your house. Once you get them so they are very important,
so I like that they are not selling plants, they are not too old right because if you
guys get plants that are old than there is not a high probability of success, now which
plants i am going to buy today. I was going to tell you guys things from seeds,
but in July I don’t recommend starting from pepper seeds because it’s way too late,
but it’s not too late to buy these plants because these guys have been growing them
for like 60 days and minimum to get this height so this was started long time ago so I am
glad I can support local growers, they are growing natural chemical free and more importantly
unique varieties of crops that you are not gonna get in a standard big box store, so
this variety right here is called Ancho pepper, actually I have grown this before this does
best in heat . So we goanna continue here down to see what cool things we can find here,
look what I have got lots of pepper here one of my favorite to grow in desert. This is the Hibiscus and Hibiscus makes edible
leaves so this edible leafy green to grow in desert in summers time and I told you guys
my channel growing you green is called growing your green for a reason because I want you
guys to grow green everywhere, I might go every day when I wake up and yes hope to wake
up this is 2 pounds a week and that is a lot of greenish to eat like I drank juice on way
here here you know you can really cram in green 1 pound of juice is just 1 cup of juice
to drink and this one is amazing juice is made of these leaves and tastes like lemonade,
so these leaves here combine them with some pineapple juice likes makes it fresh and tastes
like lemonade. It has taste like lemon the pineapple would
give you sweetness off course another green for desert really good to grow this time of
the year are these guys. I am goanna pull them out for you guys this
guy right here is called Golden Globe Prissily, so this is not that stated prissily wheat
which come in your garden which you guys can eat this is golden prissily and look at this
grows tall and large and nice large leaves you can eat them, put them in salads, grind
them in banana smoothie. They are totally delicious and are high in
omega 3 fatty acids. You guys can also eat the seeds, they are
also high in omega 3, and they are very good let’s go ahead. So I am going to pick some other plants, that
I am going to grow in Vegas and these gonna do great in phoenix, because, these are drought
plants you don’t need to water them daily one day after another, they do not get dry
easily and these are one of my favorite herbs it is known as Basil and a lot of you guys
go to buy Basil. So you can get standard Italian Basil, but
to me those are so balsa pasa, just do not grow like the standard Basil. You can get different kinds of Basil but here
they have dozen different types of Basel. They got the Mr. Burns lemon Basel, the cinnamon
Basil, they got alive Basil, red robin Basil, a holy red and green Basil, some mommy holy
Basil, Lakshmi holy Basil, they got standard genuine Basil and one of my favorite Thai
Basil. These basils have different and unique flavors
and profiles so if you guys are chefs, you guys should know the profiles depending on
what kind of food you are cooking, like if you are cooking vegetable Basil, you gonna
have this profile Basil and if you goanna make some meat dish or green dish, you might
gonna have different flavors, so growing more varieties of Basil add different flavors to
your palate. If you are a chef and can make different creations
you can make pasta from cinnamon Basil, it will be totally different than one from holy
Basil because, they are more stronger in taste in meditational basils, they are really good
to eat, so I am gonna go ahead to get a variety of different basils to grow them in my garden. Another thing the more different kinds of
variety you guys can grow, the more resiliency you build in your garden because, some kinds
of Basil like, I know the Thai Basil I know it is more resilience Italian Basil. They always do best in heat. Thai Basil I am gonna recommend you guys the
most sweet type. So another crop, that I am going to introduce
to you guys unfortunately not so popular and this is this guy known as OKRA and this is
my favorite variety of okra and this is red variety of okra, instead of standard variety
it makes a red pot, so we eat deeply richly covered pigmented color food and orca it tastes
like okra but, its red pigmented, it tastes like anti-oxidants, so it helps you guys to
keep young and pull off diseases. Okra is one of the plants, that does amazing
in deserts, amazing in heat, it actually loves heat and it grows better in heat and when
sun is on and in cooler climates, okra do not perform well. I experienced it when I grew it in northern
California, but in high climates, like in deserts it does amazing and okra tastes delicious
some people think they need to cook it but when they are baby, you can take them off
the plant and eat them, they taste absolutely delicious. You can cut them fresh in salads, now when
my orca gets too big I safe my seeds and grow them next year but, 1 thing that I like to
do is orca juice is 100% organic, orca one amazing plant, I will recommend you guys to grow it. Let’s see if I can find another one, no
another ones, my favorite ones right here, this is another leafy green, you guys must
grow this in summer time and this is known as Malabar Spanish because, it has red stem,
not just standard green stem and you can find this with local growers like I am here the
big box stores are not specialized in some bodies uncommon plants, because they sell
the same variety of peppers and tomatoes weather they are in Florida or anywhere else but these
local growers have seed collection and get feedback from other local people to find out
which variety is best to grow because, they are going to sell the ones that are going
to do good to you so that are successful so that next year you are goanna come back like,
I am here today by looking at these plants, I can tell that they are entirely healthy
and these are the one I am going to pick today. I am not going to pick Malabar spinach because
they reseed on their own once you grow a single plant. Last year I planted 6 and they grew really
big, they drop a lot of seeds, I saved a lot of seeds. Now here is a trick like people don’t understand
like john this seedlings cost me whatever like 350 or whatever like you don’t understand,
how much time Malabar Spanish took to grow to this size, like in my garden last month
they pop up to the ground and they had two leaves on it, another month like this much
bigger. This is price looking at like 3 months, 3
dollars is goanna save you 3 months a time. How much is your guys’ time worth is more
than waiting for the seeds to come up and dealing with if they are not auto germinating,
like they drop on garden and they grow on their own. I love seeds like that these are one of them
but this you don’t understand it takes a lot of time start seeds and get healthy and
germinate properly grow properly, like I have met a lot of gardeners, they grow seeds, it’s
not I am discouraging them but, they grow these seed, they have long sprinkle plants,
they never do right because long plants are not going to be successful because, if plants
are not healthier when they are young they will not be healthier when they are older,
that’s why I love because all plants here are healthier and have a high probability
of successful Gardner. So
another green leafy plant you can grow here in phoenix is here you have to grow this guy
this is known as Moringa, how this guy is reliable because this guy looks like a little
plant and vegetable plant from the other ones but this one grows in a full size tree. What you guys goanna do in winter times in
phoenix before it turns cold? When it grows 5 feet long, cut it
back because it will grow back in next season. Here in phoenix and other tropical locations
like safoda, this guy will grow year round and all these green you guys see are edible,
so this tree produces edible leaves, its higher in calcium even in carrots, so if you guys
don’t live in areas like phoenix you guys can grow this. You guys can grow this in summer time and
then bring inside in winters or plant again in summers and saving your seeds but as my
friend has a Moringa tree, 20 feet long producing seeds, that can purify water and can give
away to other people so reliable and greens are also reliable. So when you plant it grows in a tree you have
365 days. Places like vilardi gardens they make healthy
green plants, so besides green you really know one of my favorite fruit to grow in deserts
is cucumbers but not any kind of cucumbers is gonna do well and they know this year at
vilardi gardens do well. So I am glad the seed they sell, the variety
I like to grow they are mean in cucumber but they don’t have that standard like skin
or mean in cucumber. They have really cool striped cucumber and
this is the ones they sell is called Metki Dark American cucumber. Look at the cucumber it looks like little
sniper snake now these guys don’t bite and even better then biting when you eat them
and you bite them you get an amazing sweetness that you haven’t got in any cucumber. This cucumber you know are from Armenia, they
love the heat and even sweet and sometime they get really big like some huge arming
cucumbers. They get really sweet and the way I like to
use them is the way when they are small. I pick them, chop them, and use fresh to salads,
they have an amazing flavor, and the small ones can be used in pickles. They are amazing now when the seeds get too
big, they kind of get hollow more like a melon seeds are mature, you can actually replant
your seeds for next year instead what I do is whole fruits if they are super huge, right! They are still good take big fruits and throw
to your juicer, then you gonna make some amazing cucumber juice and it goanna take amazing
and it gonna taste sweet. Cucumber juice one of my favorite juice to
drink in hot summer day to cool me off, I wish I could have cucumber juice now to cool
me off now because I don’t so I am going to pick these cucumbers to plant in my garden. So another reason I like local growers because
they offer you plants, that you cannot get anywhere else. Local growers can be healthier. So the next one I am going to talk about is
Egyptian walking onions, so if you guys like onions like I do and if you don’t, you guys
should like onions epically Egyptian walking onions because these are the easiest onions
to grow like anywhere I grow them in deserts. In las Vegas last 2 years ago they are still
alive from last 2 years. These are onions that don’t need to keep
replanting year after year, so you plant these Egyptian walking onions they are more reliable
than a contaminated onion and an onion they grow like this and at the end of the year
they make baby top sets. Top sets you can harvest them and eat them. They are delicious but also the top gets heavy,
they actually dump over and then the top hits the ground and then they root in the ground
and then they grow new onion. So it actually this is like they walk it’s
like they are walking on an Egyptian song. Alright these guys will walk across your yard,
your field raze bed, so I give one whole raze bed, so I have these delicious onion greens
to eat around, as well as I can dig onion bobs underneath the ground, which are a lot
small then standard onions, but, you can still eat them because you have many dig couple
of them once a while, but here’s a tip I want to let you guys know, you guys need onion
green, they are more nutritious then the onion bobs. Most people eat the onion green are rich in
chloroform, they have the same fiber nutrients, that I have been showing are cancer protective,
as the onions are so I am glad that they have these Egyptian walking onions a good price,
so you can, if you want to get these the only onion you buy and dedicated space to these
guys so another plant that will really grow well here in desert and many places in the
country depending on where you live. Now these guys by looks like vegetables to
you but these are actually fruits and these fruit are real fruit at that if you guys are
from meditating you guys might know, these plants they are known as Capers, so if you
guys know if you live in deserts like olive trees, they grow really well in deserts and
when you go to stores next to olives section, what’s next to olives the Capers. The Capers are another Mediterranean style
berries, that get preserve and we can use them in food and they are amazing in flavor
and also offer many different anti-oxidants and specialized compounds. That are good for us and fresh capers and
like no other you guys have to try it, if you have not tried it before and I am glad
that they are offering capers flowers here because for those guys who have research capers,
like I have capers seeds, like you could get the capers seeds no problem, problem is getting
capers seeds germinate. They have a very low germinating rate, so
you cannot be successful you can waste a lot of time by getting capers plant online and
getting capers plant and stuff why to do that when. Vilardi gardens here have done all hard work
for you guys don’t know but this is a half years of a work to just get to this size right
and when you buy capers plant you save yourself time hacks and worries. This guy looks small now but in future this
guy will grow in massive bush and you would really like that Vilardi gardens works on
spreading different genetics and genetic diversity to the world and I want you guys to buy these
plants if you live in phoenix. I think I myself will buy 1 or 2 capers plant
to try so what you guys see we have here lots of tomatoes, now these guys are not yet for
sale Vilardi gardens don’t sell before time, so they make sure it’s in good healthy state
and it is ready for you guys to be successful in your gardens before they sell it so they
get this protection nets on it so no bugs things get into them. So they don’t spray them with chemicals
like, some other nurseries you know big nurseries just spray them, you know they are not considered
about growing something natural and pesticide free but they are really considered about
it here, so I appreciate that they have taken steps to exclude bugs and things like that
without using toxic chemicals and this is why I encourage you guys to support your local
growers. There is internet and larger corporations
that don’t give shit about your health butt they are just concerned about their profits,
so it’s more than just profits at Vilardi gardens here. Look it here how these baby tomato plant starts,
now here in phoenix you guys can plant them in fall and it will still be producing and
it’s amazing I won’t recommend it everywhere but if you guys are here in phoenix, then
you guys are lucky, you guys can grow tomatoes and can get tomatoes before cold winter weather. These guys will soon be available to local
nurseries to you and you guys want to get some of these make sure you visit
online and then you goanna get a list of all local nurseries here in phoenix, that sell
plants and when you go there make sure you ask there I want to get Vilardi plants. I have seen all I have inspected this place
it looks amazing they have got some good compos going on, they have mixed them with seedlings
up in, I mean I am actually going to show you guys what I am buying because I got to
go out of here and get on the road. So basically what I got here is 2 and half
racks of stuffs here, basically, I have got mostly different kinds of basils, because,
mostly genetic diversity is important to me and its cool they have got some variety of
Basil, that I haven’t seen anywhere else, so I am really happy about it I have got a
couple of pepper plants that I haven’t seen of course I have got my favorite Moringa. it’s really important I have got the okra,
lots of orca, I love orca my girlfriend loves orca too, so I am planting that stuff and
then I have got some of the hibiscus, the edible hibiscus leaves also very important
to me, also some Moringa trees and off course my half rack here I started a bunch of cucumbers. It has some issues with watering system and
they have some challenges so I got about half of a rack of those striped amino cucumber. So that’s what I am bringing home and growing
in my home and you guys can grow these same plants if you live in phoenix, if you guys
are nurseries owners yes you can visit here if not you can visit local nurseries to buy
plants and start. I have had great time here at nursery today
if you guys enjoyed the episode of nursery today give me thumbs up, I will make sure
to visit the nursery and show you guys more stuff of the nursery, how they do in future
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