Vegetable Chop|Veg Chop Kolkata-style|Vegetable Cutlet|Beetroot recipe|Easy Bengali Snacks Recipe

Vegetable Chop beetroot 400g
carrots 200g
potatoes 400g amchur (dry mango powder) 4g,
peppercorn 20 pcs, dried red chillies 4 pcs, bay leaves 4 pcs, cloves 8 pcs,
cinnamon 1 pc, cardamom 2 pcs, fennel seeds 5g, cumin seeds 2g coariander leaves 8g (optional ) panch phoron ½ tsp peanuts 30g
ghee 10g green chillies 6g
coconut 20g ginger paste 30g salt 20g
sugar 35g steam potatoes until tender steaming keeps potatoes dry and fluffy cut carrots into 3cm-long matchsticks chop, don’t grate; chopping produces better texture; grating will lead to loss of juices, making the mixture soggy 3cm-long matchsticks finely chop green chillies and coriander slice coconut 5mm wide we want little pieces in every bite halve the peanuts grind fennel cumin, peppercorns cardamom, cinnamon, cloves bay leaves, dried red chillies amchur (dried mango powder) heat 30g vegetable oil fry coconut on medium heat until golden set aside fry peanuts until golden set aside panch phoron; wait until it crackles green chillies, ginger paste fry on medium heat beetroot a little salt to help soften the beet cook until slightly limp carrots remaining salt cook until the veggies are soft but don’t let them turn mushy or the chops will lose texture ground spices cover and cook to allow spices to infuse sugar this chop is meant to be quite sweet! mashed potatoes mix thoroughly do not break up strands of beet and carrots, or we’ll lose texture the mixture should be completely dry turn off heat and add ghee fried coconut and peanuts coriander cool completely divide into 50g portions compact using fist roll flatten sides For the breading 30g flour, 200g breadcrumbs, 3 eggs beat with ¼ tsp salt *reverse if you’re left-handed
left hand=wet hand
right hand=dry hand don’t ever mix press breadcrumbs so that they stick a double coat of crumbs makes chops extra crisp! flatten sides make now, eat later; bread the chops and freeze in airtight conatiners for a month!
fry them as you need them—no need to defrost fry on medium heat in hot oil (180°C) if frying frozen chops, keep heat low fry evenly on all sides beetnoon (black salt) Serve with doodh cha! link in description