Vegan Vs Vegetarian ft. Gary Yourofsky

Vegetarians and vegans are usually lumped
together. What exactly separates the two? Are the differences greater than the similarities?
And is vegetarianism really a healthy, moral way of living? Let’s find out! Hi it’s Emily from Bite Size Vegan and welcome
to another vegan nugget! Something I find interesting is that if you tell someone you’re
vegetarian they are usually okay with it. But tell them you’re vegan and suddenly
you’re a militant extremist tiva-wearing tree-hugging whack-job covered in animal tattoos.
The basic difference between vegans and vegetarians is that veganism means abstaining from all
animal products, byproducts and methods of exploitation while vegetarianism simply means
abstaining from meat while still consuming diary, eggs, and honey, and wearing silk,
down, wool, and sometimes leather. While vegetarianism is usually portrayed as a healthy, animal-friendly
way of living, the truth is it’s crueler than meat eating and arguably more unhealthy. Let’s address health first and then move
onto the moral aspects. Dairy, eggs and honey are not only extraordinarily unhealthy food
choices but also really unnatural ones. Try to think of another animal who, once weaned
from their own mother, goes to suckle from the teat of another species. It’s just not
meant to be. (And if you do suckle directly from another species, you probably need help
outside of my expertise.) And how natural is it to eat the menstruation of another animal,
or their vomit? Now aside from how unnatural it is, dairy
consumption is linked to a slew of medical conditions, including heart disease, obesity,
clogged arteries, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, a variety of cancers, and more.
Dairy is loaded with fat, cholesterol, sugar, not to mention all the fun bonuses that come
from our modern dairy industry, including antibiotics, growth hormones, and pus. Oh
yes. I said pus. Check out this video for more details about what exactly is in your
food. Now let’s address the moral aspects of vegetarianism.
One of the most cruel meat products that even some meat-eaters refuse, is veal. What many
people don’t realize is that the calves used for veal are the stolen children of dairy
cows and that consuming dairy directly supports the veal industry. I’m going to let vegan
activist Gary Yourofsky elaborate a little more on the ethical implications of vegetarianism: Gary: It is not an animal-friendly lifestyle
when you support the dairy industry. In fact, if you asked me to rank cruelty of animals,
and I don’t like to because it’s all unjust, but the dairy industry is the worst industry
on this planet. You have mother cows being raped every year to impregnate them, you have
their babies being stolen every year, 3-7 years. You have machines being hooked up to
their udders, to their breasts three times a day to suck them dry. Then you send them
to the slaughterhouse when they can’t produce milk anymore? So this is what vegetarians
support- they support the oppression and enslavement of hens in the egg industry. Even if it is
a cage-free free-range farm, when the hens stop laying enough eggs after 2-3 years, you
don’t get a free stay- you get sent off to the slaughterhouse. Vegetarians wear leather
and silk and wool. They consume honey. I’m still trying to figure out how vegetarianism
is considered an animal-friendly lifestyle, cause it’s not. Now, as I say all this, if
you are using that as a stepping stone, I don’t care how you get to vegan- just sooner
rather than later. And I have to be fair, I don’t want to be an Al Gore type, a politician
bullshitter- I went vegetarian for a year before I became vegan, but, I want to put
this out there- like most vegetarians I was not aware of the dairy and the egg industries.
If I had known then what I know now and I wasn’t going to become vegan all at once,
I would’ve stopped eating dairy and eggs first. Then I would’ve taken meat out at the end. It’s true that many of us use vegetarianism
as a stepping-stone to veganism- but if the goal is to reduce the amount of cruelty of
our diet, or even increase our health, we’re really missing the mark here. A vegetarian
diet is still one composed of incredibly unhealthy animal byproducts and severe animal suffering.
Dairy and eggs support the same torture, cruelty, and slaughter that the meat industry does-
only the suffering of the animals involved is more prolonged than those raised for meat
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