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How to Make Naturally Fermented Probiotic Celery Salad

In this video I wanna talk about fermenting some celery. Fermenting’s a super way to preserve vegetables but also a way to create probiotic vegetable that is delicious to eat and really good for you. So, what I wanna do is use some organic celery. I like the orgainc celery. It’s a lot cleaner has, […]

Can Vegans or Vegetarians take Creatine?

Hey guys. Paul from Ultimate Fat Burner.com here and today I’m answering the question, can vegetarians or vegans take creatine? I’ll be right back with the answer in just a couple of seconds, stick around, please don’t go anywhere… Hey alright, you’re still here – thanks so much for sticking around. So, let’s answer the […]

Vegetarian House, Gracias Madre, Madras Café: Check, Please! Bay Area reviews

Announcer:A KQED television production.♫♫ Sbrocco: And everybody say “Opa!” Together: Opa! [ Indistinct conversations ] Sbrocco: Hi, I’m Leslie Sbrocco. Welcome to “Check, Please! Bay Area,” the show where regular Bay Area residents review and talk about their favorite restaurants. Now, we have three guests, and each one recommends one of their favorite spots, and […]

Singaporeans Try: 72 Hour No Calorie Challenge

Oh my god! What the hell? Wait, you cheat so much? Hi guys! So in collaboration with the new Pepsi black, which has a bolder cola taste with no calories, we’re going to be doing the “No Calorie Challenge”. Hi guys! Hi! So, what is your current diet like? Fitness side start first. Fitness side, […]

Best Foods to Eat on a Raw Vegan Diet in a Week – Update

This John Kohler with okraw.com I have another exciting episode for you and this one is actually “What I really eat in a week, in the raw foods diet”. So I have another video that I did “What I eat in week” that was posted back in January , so that was like over half […]