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Vegetarian Burrito Recipe with Blackeyed Peas

Hello and welcome to Freshly Served, the healthy vegan cooking show. Iím Heather and tonight we are making black eyed peas burritos. And no thatís not the band itís the pea. So what weíre gonna do is start by heating a large pan, needs to be pretty big here and Iíve got some red onion […]


Howdy folks how’s it going welcome to my virgin kitchen today i’m showing you how to make a vegetarian quinoa chilli good times. Looks amazing right and i’ve had so many recipe requests come through at the moment I decided to merge a couple together so i’ve got Craig Wigmore, Skitzyskitzo, Sina Mandarina, SpiritHolly amongst […]

Don’t Like Vegetables? Try This!

Hey guys, Dr. Berg here. I wanted to create a video for those individuals who do not like vegetables. I am that person. I never did, I still don’t, but I eat a lot of vegetables. Okay? But let’s talk about it. Why don’t people like vegetables? First of all, it’s time consuming. You have […]

Paleo Diet, Raw Vegan, Detox, and Weight Loss Fact & Fiction – BEXLIFE

Rebekah: Hey. Mike: Hello. Rebekah: So we just finished a podcast and I’m so sweaty. This is going to be the worst I’ve ever looked in a Bex Life video because your apartment is 97 degrees. Mike: Yeah. Well, that’s why all my sauerkraut went — didn’t go right. Rebekah: It’s so freaking hot in […]

Lavash and Mushroom Vegetarian Egg Rolls – Heghineh Cooking Show

Lavash and Mushroom Vegetarian Egg Rolls Recipe by Heghineh My take on a simple vegetarian egg rolls, or as we call it mushroom lavash blinchiks. If you love mushrooms and egg rolls, this is guaranteed to be your next favorite snack or appetizer. My mom used to make these during wintertime,around holidays So to me […]