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80/10/10 Vegan Diet – Fact & Fiction – Raw Food Diet – BEXLIFE

Rebekah: Why do you hate Freelee the Banana Girl? Everyone is asking me. I’ve had 16 peaches since yesterday and telling you, these peaches do not exist in nature. Michael: Why would we hate – I don’t hate Freelee. Rebekah: Anyway, let’s get into 80/10/10. So explain to us exactly what it is. We’re talking […]

How to Make Easy Vegetarian Pad Thai

Pad Thai i a tasty stir-fry noodle dish that is both sweet and salty and surprisingly easy to make at home. Even if you are not much of a tofu fan don’t skip on adding the silken tofu to the sauce. It really just thickens it up beautifully. You won’t taste it or know its […]

How to make vegetarian recipes Veggie Sandwich

How to make vegetarian recipes Veggie Sandwich0 mom always said eat your veggies well down a way to put babies are drug writers gonna knock you out in fact it’s so good that even carnivores I gotta dig it all rights on our pain here we have a little olive oil we asthma ideas that […]

Paneer Butter Masala Low Fat Recipe|Vegetarian alternative to Butter Chicken

the main ingredients for the gravy tomatoes chop them as you like sliced onions cashew nuts ginger and garlic paste or grated stick of cinnamon a bay leaf and green chillies according to your taste the dry spices coriander powder cumin powder and Kashmir red chili powder salt and a bit of sugar heat some […]