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My 4-Day High Protein Vegan Meal Plan

what’s going on guys and welcome back to the pit man cook kitchen today’s video is a lot of fun because we are doing a meal prep video now whether you are vegan vegetarian or just someone who likes to be adventurous and try out some new stuff from time to time this video is […]

Chef Whitney Watts Turned Her Life around with a Vegan Diet

I think that I almost have like a responsibility to present vegan food in a non-intimidating way by using a lot of things that are familiar to them. My name is Whitney. I go by Chef Whit. I am a personal chef, and I am the owner of This Girl’s Grub. So I’m from Chicago, […]

Making Vegan Meals In The Microwave

– The one thing I can give this is that it is still vegan. (upbeat electric guitar music) I think a lot of the kind of ideas around vegan is must stem from kind of like everything being perfect and take a long time and being expensive or whatever. So, it’ll be interesting to see […]

What is really *OUR* Responsibility? (A Vegan Cult Video)

Such a wonder is the Earth A Scientist in Sweden calculated the probability that life would arise on earth was 1 in 700 quintillion Yet, we take it all for granted. Don’t we? Such a fragile miracle That life exists at all Such splendor is humanity contemplating the Stars even while wreacking havoc upon the […]

vegan pumpkin scones | hot for food

[lauren] *screams* [lauren] what’s going on everyone? it’s lauren here from hot for food [lauren] and i’m going to bake for you today, i know you love baking. [lauren] i see your pictures, you’re getting better at it. [lauren] and it’s not as hard as you think. especially vegan baking. [lauren] there’s a little bit […]

How To Explain Why You’re Vegan

Different peole go Vegan for different reasons And there are hundreds of reasons for choosing to avoid animal products But the simplest, most universal reason’s because it’s the right thing to do It helps the animals, it helps the environment and it helps us Some people ask this question aggressively Because deep down they’re scared […]

Why Vegan Diet Didn’t Work For Me

Hey Guys! It’s been a little while but I wanted to give you a little update about what’s going on right now in our life. Lots and lots of things are changing and I have to tell you some of it has been really difficult and so let’s talk about it. So I really don’t […]