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Hi, I’m Sadia, welcome to Pick Up Limes. So it was my birthday recently, feel free to show me a little bit of belated birthday love by clicking on that subscribe button. Now one of the gifts I got for my birthday were these bento boxes, and I thought it would be a lot of […]

How LA’s Vegan In-N-Out Tastes

OK, so there are people in LA that are comparing this plant-based burger chain to In-N-Out. We’re gonna try both and see if we can tell the difference. So I’m taking my friend Kim, resident INSIDER vegetarian. That’s all she’s known for. That’s all I do. Sydney: To Monty’s because I have heard that their […]

Vegan Cheese Steak Tour! Tattooed Moms Meatless Monday🍽

Hey everybody, welcome back to vegan cheesesteak tour of Philadelphia, I’m super excited for today’s episode because we are at tattooed moms So you’ve heard me talk about tattooed moms plenty of times because it’s one of my favorite places in the city It is a crucial space in the punk scene, but they also […]

TOP 6 Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet

Vegan diets are known to help people lose weight. However, they also offer an array of additional health benefits. For starters, a vegan diet may help you maintain a healthy heart. What’s more, this diet may offer some protection against type 2 diabetes and certain cancers. Welcome to the Hi Fitness Bye Weakness channel! Today […]

What I Loved About The Vegan Diet Episode 17

hey guys it’s Kevin Kreider I am in Vietnam I wanted that fuck quoc island I wanted to do a video log on why I love the vegan diet but this has nothing to do with saving animals unfortunately or actually feeling better or losing body fat or even health this has to do with […]

Vegan Diet Plan Recipes

Vegan Diet Plan Recipes You need to fully enjoy your life and all of its possibilities, Carol Newman can help teach you how to nourish your body with healthy organic living keeping you beautiful inside and out, and, now, here’s your host, Carol Newman. Hi, I’m Carol Newman from BioGirl Health, and today I will […]

Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet?

My dad passed away from heart failure when I was 13 and I always used to get like a heart pang before. I just thought it was normal. Since I went vegan, I’ve never had that. I film the stories of people from all walks of life. To help us see the world through each […]