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VEGAN BOSTON CREAM DOUGHNUTS | Recipe by Mary’s Test Kitchen

Hello my friends and not-yet-friends, The time has come to make vegan Boston Cream donuts. It’s been years since I last had one from Timmy’s but I still remember those soft puffy donuts, covered with chocolatey glaze and filled with smooth vanilla pastry cream. It was one of my favourites. The most donut-y of donuts […]

5. WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Vegan + Gluten-Free

Hi, everyone welcome back to my channel Happy to have you here today Because we are diving into episode number [five] in the what I eat in a day series This has been a really fun series to put together and you guys have been loving it So we’re going to continue rolling with it. […]

Vegan Recipes| Vegan diet| Easy Veggie Meal Plan Review

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Broccoli Crunch Salad Recipe :: Vegan

[MUSIC PLAYING] -Aloha, friends. It’s Cobi. For this Veggietorial, I’m going to show you how I make a broccoli crunch salad. So let’s get started. [MUSIC PLAYING] -I start by cutting organic broccoli into bite-size florettes. This is my absolute favorite way to eat this nutritional powerhouse. Shred, grate, or spiralize your carrots. I added […]

Healthy No-Bake BROWNIES (Vegan, Gluten Free) – Hot Chocolate Hits

Hi guys, so first of all a very happy 2017 to you, I don’t know about you one of my resolutions for this year was to eat healthier So I’m going to help you kick start the new year with a healthy recipe for no baked brownies these are raw vegan Sugar-free gluten-free, and definitely […]


[lauren] alright, should we start then? [lauren] shhh. [lauren] hey what’s up, it’s lauren. [john] and john. [lauren] from hot for food and today, [lauren] we decided we’re gonna set you up [lauren] for going back to school with some sandwich ideas, [lauren] what are you doing? [john] going back to school. [lauren] are they […]

Easy Vegan Portobello Fajitas!

hi neighbors welcome to battles billing kitchen today we’re going to make vegan mushroom fajitas don’t forget to hit the subscribe button to join a neighborhood at the end of the video I will give you some ideas on how to enjoy your fajita you will need two or three medium-sized portobello mushrooms one white […]

Vegetarian Burrito Recipe with Blackeyed Peas

Hello and welcome to Freshly Served, the healthy vegan cooking show. Iím Heather and tonight we are making black eyed peas burritos. And no thatís not the band itís the pea. So what weíre gonna do is start by heating a large pan, needs to be pretty big here and Iíve got some red onion […]