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oh god I’m so full why did i eat that much I know i look fat oh I heard this one help nope. I look pregnant k i’m done. just going to stay here all day maybe I should just do something about it come on Amelie hey guys do you feel bloated ? you […]

Kalia Jackfruit Curry in a Wrap / Roti | Vegan Vegetarian Recipe

Hi friends, I’m back toda for another recipe which is a jackfruit kalia curry. So, kalia is a type of curry to which you can add various vegetables and protein. I have a couple more recipes on the channel and the blog. I’ll leave you the link in the description if you want to check […]

Vegan Ramen Recipe – Vegetarian | Edgy Veg

[candice] today on The EdgyVeg, i’m going to show you how to make Japan’s national dish: [candice] RAMEN. [candice] so if you’re going to make ramen traditionally, you have to make the broth. [candice] there’s just no getting around it. you can do like a cheating with miso and some tamari, [candice] but it’s not […]

Vegan Recipe: Veggie Nuggets (Chicken McNuggets Recipe) | Edgy Veg

[candice] there is nothing more anonymous than a chicken nugget. [candice] just kidding! it’s me! The EdgyVeg! [candice] and today i’m going to show you how you can make- [candice] VegNuggets. [candice] one cup gluten flour. [candice] two to three tablespoons of nutritional yeast. [candice] a pinch of pepper. [candice] and then our spices. [candice] […]

Guacamole Recipe Keto Paleo Vegan Vegetarian and Raw Recipe

today I will show you how to make a guacamole that is a thousand times better than the store-bought and it is so simple stay tuned hey I’m Dr. Ekberg with Wellness For Life and by subscribing to this channel and following us you will learn everything that you need to know to master true […]