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Eating ALL the vegan food in Austin, Texas – food carts & restaurants

what’s up I’m Kevin. I’m Laura. And we’re vegan RV yeah we are and it’s really bright out right now yep from the look of it with all the blue skies and everything you wouldn’t know that it freakin hailed here earlier I thought I was gonna break the solar panels yeah that’s crazy exactly […]


oh god I’m so full why did i eat that much I know i look fat oh I heard this one help nope. I look pregnant k i’m done. just going to stay here all day maybe I should just do something about it come on Amelie hey guys do you feel bloated ? you […]

10 Ways Vegans Are Ruining The World

10. ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT Advocates of veganism, including everyone’s favorite chat show host Ellen DeGeneres, regularly point out how harmful consumption of meat is to the environment. For example, producing just one hamburger uses enough fossil fuel to drive a small car 30 kilometers. But according to a new study by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, […]

Eating in Boston (VLOG) | VEGAN

First morning. Beautiful view. And we’re… I think we’re just gonna go and see what sort of vegan options we have ’cause we’re quite keen on staying alive while we’re here. “You get to walk through the Boston Common which is the park. ” I’ve got this. Mmm. “…grapefruit packs vitamin C. We add power […]

E5: Putting Food First – Vegan Diet vs. Eating Meat

When I’m asked how we can best encourage people to move towards veganism, I usually reply that I prefer to use food rather than arguments. Here is a simple yet important idea. Where you stand depends on where you sit. Most people eat animal products, and they want to keep eating them mainly because they […]

Vancouver Food Trucks – Rolling Cashew (VEGAN) | Guide To Vancouver

Does it have to be honest or? (off camera): You can say whatever you want This is damn good, very good… Yeah, can’t believe it’s vegan. Honestly Hey guys, today i’m going to be introducing you to The Rolling Cashew. It’s 100% vegan with glutten free options and it tastes amazing Just look at it! […]

What We Eat In A Day ♥ Vegan Travel Eats | Costa Rica

hey guys we are in beautiful costa rice right now in puerto viejo which is the Caribbean side of costa rica and were living in a tree house and we wanted to talk to you about something thats been highly requested so this is our what we eat in a day blog were in costa […]

HOW TO MAKE VEGAN KIMCHI | Mary’s Test Kitchen

hello friends and not yet friends! Today we’re making my version of homemade kimchi. You probably know already but Kimchi is a Korean condiment; a bit like sauerkraut as it’s a fermented vegetable food but at the same time completely different. Garlicky and spicy, tangy and salty, kimchi super fantastic on plain rice, as a […]