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Hi, I’m Sadia, welcome to Pick Up Limes. So it was my birthday recently, feel free to show me a little bit of belated birthday love by clicking on that subscribe button. Now one of the gifts I got for my birthday were these bento boxes, and I thought it would be a lot of […]

Syngenta herbicides help soybeans stand tall in adverse weather

I’m Chad Threewits, Agronomy Service Rep for the State of Indiana. I’m here at our Sheridan, Indiana Grow More™ Experience site. In this plot beside me here, we did a treatment looking at different herbicides. This year was really a tough conditions around a lot of the state, and plantings were delayed. So there was […]

Hotel Saravana Bhavan Style Veg Kurma|| Zero Oil Healthy Vegetable Kuruma ||Ep 159

Hi!!!Namaskar!!!Hope you all are doing good.I’m also doing good Wheat parotta was my last recipe.Got so many pictures and good responses from my followers Those who haven’t tried it,don’t forget to make a try Since the time I did the wheat parotta video,I’ve been getting requests for the saravana bhavan style veg kurma recipe I […]

Do Kids Like Vegan Food? | Kids Vs. Food

– Oh, be still my beating heart. – This is not worthy to be called bacon. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) We have some kid friendly dishes you may be used to for you to try today, but they are all vegan. – Yay, vegans. – Oh, my grandma’s vegan. – (FBE) So, […]

Korean Potato Salad(Gamja salad, 감자샐러드)

Annyeong~ Today I’m going to make Korean potato salad. In fact, this is not the ‘traditional Korean food’, but Koreans usually have this as ‘banchan’, side dish or put this into sandwich. You can enjoy this even if you are not familiar with Korean sauces. Because I’m going to use ‘mayo’. I know it’s a […]


Do you think that to live to old age and maintain good health is unrealistic? Experts do not think so. After all, our health depends on ourselves! Everything is in our power, and it is not so difficult. The main thing is to devote more time and attention to yourself, choose the right balanced diet, […]