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Soybean Preemergence Herbicides: Always have one down

We’re looking today at some of our weed management trials in soybean, a similar but yet different story than what we evaluated and talked about in the corn weed management trial. Planting dates around the end of May, May 26th or so, and what we find again is we went into a dry period where […]

Booker says ‘no’ when asked if Americans should follow his vegan diet

If he’s elected to the White House, Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., would become the nation’s first vegan president But that doesn’t mean he wants Americans to join him in eating a vegan diet. Asked during Thursday’s Democratic presidential primary debate by bilingual moderator Jorge Ramos if Americans should stop eating meat as part of the efforts to combat climate […]

Mighty Waldorf Salad | Jamie Oliver

We’re gonna do a beautiful version of a Waldorf Salad ok. This is a classic salad from the Waldorf Hotel in New York. I’m still going to honor and respect the basis of the salad but I want to take you on a bit. I want to express myself with roasted grapes, that healthy dressing. […]

Herbicides and Cover Crops

Hi I’m Daniel Smith, Southwest Regional agronomist for the Nutrient Pest Management Program in the University Wisconsin Madison and Extension. Today I’m going to talk to you about herbicides and cover crops. First thing to keep in mind is what is a cover crop versus a forage crop. A cover crops when no biomass is […]

Are Buddhists vegetarian?

Some Buddhists are. It’s actually a very good and very important question. I think, of course, certainly no Buddhists would say that people should not be vegetarians. But the kind of real roots of this question, of course, based in the fact that Buddha described taking of life of another being as, in a way, […]

My First Time Trying Salad | Amputee In The Kitchen

I’m 21 years old and I’ve never tried a salad before To be willing to find the light though You have to be willing to believe in yourself and to believe in your story and to believe that there’s more that you’re going through And that what you’re going through is going to bring you […]

The best Tomato Salad and Chorizo by Jamie Oliver

Right I’m going to do a lovely dish that I’m really, really excited about. It’s the kind of food that I love to cook when I’m at home. It is the most delicious tomato salad with chorizo. I don’t want to slice it perfectly, sort of odds and sods and put the chorizo in a […]