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催芽黃豆 | How to Sprout Soybeans | How-To

Germinated Soybeans 2.5 plastic rice cups of soybeans Rinse and drain the beans several times under running water, until bubbles decreased. Cover the beans with 5 rice cups of water. Soak the beans for 6-8 hours. Change water once. Prepare a large bowl with a strainer. Place the soaked soybeans in the strainer and cover […]

Heat Stress in Soybeans

Typically, soybeans like it around eighty six degrees, that’s their optimum temperature for growth and development and we’ve been well above that for the last, at least ten days. And it looks like for the next several days we’re gonna be above that. Anytime soybeans get any kind of stress they kind of, start shedding […]

Michigan Organic Soybean Trials – Dan Rossman, MI

I’m Dan Rosslyn I’m the Extension educator and in Gratiot County and We have here’s one of the four sites of our soybean organic soybean trials evaluating varieties under organic conditions We have actually seven companies Participating in this trial and six plant breeders from University participate in this trial as well. We have over […]

Soybean Promotion Day 2015

the Hutson school agriculture and Kentucky soybean board teamed up this week to host the 11th annual soybean promotion day let’s take a look the 11th annual soybean promotion day in conjunction with Kentucky soybean Association Kentucky promotion board Murray State hosts this to be a annually for area a farmers production agriculture list agribusiness […]

Soybean Disease Update

Disease-wise it’s been pretty hot and dry, until the last few days we’ve got a few showers in certain parts of the state. And so, disease pressure has been very low so far, but with the temperatures and the occasional rain shower that we’re getting, you know, the canopy is starting to stay fairly humid, […]

Early-Season Bean Leaf Beetle in Soybean

Bean leaf beetles can be a common pest in soybean fields, especially after mild winters. Although early-season bean leaf beetle feeding rarely results in economic damage, yield loss can be in the 3-7% range if the feeding damages the growing point before the unifoliate leaves emerge. Bean leaf beetles are a common vector of the […]

Soybean Rust (SBR) spreads across Arkansas.

Hi, my name is Travis Faske, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Extension Plant Pathologist. Today I’d like to share with you some recent information about soybean rust in the state. We’ve found that over about 19 counties within the state, all the way from the southern part of the state to the northern part […]

Non-GMO Soybean Food Product Development

You may be aware that there is large variety of food products that can be made from soybeans. But did you know that there are more than 20 non-GMO soybean food products currently in development at University of Arkansas Department of Food Science? With the majority of funding coming from the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board, […]

Soybean Loopers

I’m Scott Aikin, Extension Entomologist with the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service and today I am going to talk to about the Looper complex. The looper complex like other insects in soybeans, tend to feed primarily on the leaves. Which of course term we call that is just defoliation, one important thing to keep […]