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Arkansas Soybean Update

This year’s favorable weather conditions allowed many Arkansas soybean growers to get in the field and plant early. The warm spring and summer has allowed some growers to prepare for an early harvest, one to three weeks ahead of schedule. Growers that are able to harvest early should see better prices at the terminals. According […]

Chinese Soybean Ciba Cake, Traditional Chinese Food

First beat the glutinous rice into glutinous rice flour with a blender. You can also buy glutinous rice flour directly. soybean Soak soybeans in warm water for more than 4 hours. Soak until the soybeans plump up. Put the soybeans in the blender. Process the mixture until silky smooth No filtering required Pour it into […]

White Mold in Soybean: Symptoms and Management Recommendations

Hi I’m Damon Smith extension field crops pathologist for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Today we’re standing in a soybean field in Arlington Wisconsin where there was a rye cover crop planted and prior to planting of soybeans that rye cover crop was terminated and the soybeans were planted in a 30-inch row spacing. This field […]

Soybean Pancake Recipe

Namaskar! Welcome to Nishamadhulika.com Soya bean is a rich source of protein, fibre and iron and it is an antioxidant. From soya bean we had prepared soya milk and tofu. Today we will prepare soya pancake. We will soak the soya bean seeds, grind them and we will prepare the pancake. They are really very […]

Soybean Green Stem Disorder Research

My name is Xavier Phillips, I’m a master’s student here at Iowa State University. My adviser is Dr. Daren Mueller and we’re working on green stem disorder of soybean. It’s a big harvest time issue for farmers and growers. Really it’s characterized by stems that are fleshy and green, but the pods are brown, mature, […]

Disruptions to Soybean Harvest

I think I need to go find some go-go juice somewhere The light’s not on yet but close Oh, yeah fifty three mile range. That light will come on before I get out of the driveway here. So I guess I will take some change out of the ashtray here and I’ll go find a […]

Soybean Irrigation

The question was, “How far do we carry irrigated soybeans?” In the past, you know, we’ve always said, you know, if your beans are touching in the pods, you know that’s when we want to terminate irrigation. But before Phil Tacker left, him and Dr. Francis, down in, at Monticello, actually did some termination study […]

Soybean Preemergence Herbicides: Always have one down

We’re looking today at some of our weed management trials in soybean, a similar but yet different story than what we evaluated and talked about in the corn weed management trial. Planting dates around the end of May, May 26th or so, and what we find again is we went into a dry period where […]

Liberty Link Ignite Soybeans

Liberty Link soybeans are a new technology that are available from Bayer Crop Science Company. The thing that make Liberty Link soybeans unique is that they were specifically engineered to tolerate the herbicide Ignite. Ignite is a non-residual broad spectrum herbicide that controls a wide range of weeds commonly found in soybeans. One of the […]