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Soybean Preemergence Herbicides: Always have one down

We’re looking today at some of our weed management trials in soybean, a similar but yet different story than what we evaluated and talked about in the corn weed management trial. Planting dates around the end of May, May 26th or so, and what we find again is we went into a dry period where […]

Liberty Link Ignite Soybeans

Liberty Link soybeans are a new technology that are available from Bayer Crop Science Company. The thing that make Liberty Link soybeans unique is that they were specifically engineered to tolerate the herbicide Ignite. Ignite is a non-residual broad spectrum herbicide that controls a wide range of weeds commonly found in soybeans. One of the […]

Quantifying soybean yield losses due to sudden death syndrome (SDS)

hi my name is Mohamed Mohsen raza I’m a PhD candidate in the Department of Plant Pathology and microbiology at Iowa State University I worked with dr. Eleanor Leandra and dr. Darren Wilden my PhD research is on a soybean disease called sudden death syndrome which is also known as STS STS is one of […]

Soybean Nitrogen Stress After Wet Conditions

Hello my name is Shaun Casteel extension soybean agronomist here at Purdue University We are going to be talking about soybeans that have undergone on a number stresses this season with standing water both in the ponding situation to just saturated conditions here before me as field that was planted about first week in May […]

Soybean Inputs that Deliver the Highest ROI in a Low-Margin Year

Hello my name is Shawn Conley, I am the state soybean and small grain specialist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Today we’ll be discussing soybean inputs that deliver the highest return on investment in a low-margin year. I’d like to thank all the co-authors listed here, as well as Wisconsin soybean marketing board for funding […]

“Importance and Control of Kudzu Bug in Soybeans” (Short Version)

Alright, so we’re going to talk about kudzu bugs. I mentioned we’ve been experiencing this insect for several years now back in the southeast. I’m going to take you through just about the entire history of it being here and what we’ve found out about it. Just a little bit about the species and what […]

Dennis Delaney – Importance of Soil Temperatures for Soybean Planting

I’m Dennis Delaney, Extension Specialist – Soybeans and Conservation Cropping Systems and I’m just going to talk little bit about the importance of soil temperatures for soybean planting. Important to note that soybeans have a pretty wide genetic base to them. Originally, they’re wild, viny plants from a pretty large area of Asia through North […]

September 12th Soybean Crop Report

USDA’s September production report is forecasting Arkansas’s soybean production for 2010 to be down five percent from the August forecast and down seven percent from last year. The report, issued September 10th, is forecasting soybean yield to be 37 bushels an acre, down a one half-bushel from last year. Meanwhile, fields dried sufficiently to allow […]