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Arugula and Melon Salad Recipe by Manjula

Today I will be making arugula and melon salad. This beautiful looking salad is great for summer days. Arugula leaves has a pepperish flavor mixed with juicy melons and topped with yogurt dressing makes a very refreshing salad. Or also can be served as a healthy snack. This recipe will serve 2. For this recipe […]


Rather it’s hot outside or raining like today, it’s always good to eat a fresh salad Sawadee Kha everyone Monday, new recipe! I’m Nin, and, I’m cooking Since I have “some” Tomatoes Today I decided to make a tomato salad with shrimp And, because it’s Thai salad I will add chili, of course The Thai […]

My First Time Trying Salad | Amputee In The Kitchen

I’m 21 years old and I’ve never tried a salad before To be willing to find the light though You have to be willing to believe in yourself and to believe in your story and to believe that there’s more that you’re going through And that what you’re going through is going to bring you […]

Healthy Avocado Tuna Salad Recipe + Light Lemon Dressing

Hey everyone, its Natasha of Natasha’skitchen.com. Today we’re making a fresh and wildly delicious avocado tuna salad. This recipe is so easy, let’s get right into it. Slice one large English cucumber and transfer it to a large mixing bowl. Next the avocado, you can use 3 medium or too large avocados, the more the […]

The Carbonaro Effect – Crab Chopped Salad (Extended Reveal) | truTV

This is what we’re gonna do today, all right? Okay. We’re gonna do crab chopped salad. And we want to make it as quick and easy as possible. So, you get yourself a big bowl. Okay. You know what your drawer looks like, you pull it out, you have all this stuff in there? Yeah. […]

BBQ Chicken Salad & Avocado Crema

so what did the buffalo say off to his son say off to his son I swear everything just falls apart whenever I tell the joke okay quick question what did the Buffalo say to his son whenever he went off to college bison don’t act like you didn’t laugh at that that’s a pretty […]

Cabbage Chana Dal Salad by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Food

Today I will be making cabbage and chana dal salad. It’s a very colorful and healthy salad. Good salad to serve for summer brunch. This recipe will serve 3-4. I have 1/4th cabbage. 1/4 cup of chana dal 1 carrrot About 4 inch piece of cucumber 2 tomatoes About 10 mint leaves For dresing we […]

Fresh & Healthy Greek Salad Recipe + Dressing – Natasha’s Kitchen

– [Natasha] Hi everyone, it’s Natasha of Natashaskitchen.com and today, we are making a fresh and flavorful Greek salad. This is loaded with all the best ingredients and you’ll want the zesty lemon dressing on all of your salads. You’ll need one large or two small heads of romaine lettuce. (Natasha laughs) Here’s our favorite […]