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Caprese SALAD | ITALIAN Insalata Style | DIY Demonstration

Welcome. It’s Deronda here with foods 101. Today, I’m going to show you how to make this Caprese Salad. It’s very well known in Italy. They use fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil. Oh my goodness. Does that smell fantastic. Extra-virgin olive oil, and fresh cracked pepper. Let me show you how simple this […]

Vegan Diet Plan Recipes

Vegan Diet Plan Recipes You need to fully enjoy your life and all of its possibilities, Carol Newman can help teach you how to nourish your body with healthy organic living keeping you beautiful inside and out, and, now, here’s your host, Carol Newman. Hi, I’m Carol Newman from BioGirl Health, and today I will […]

My 4-Day High Protein Vegan Meal Plan

what’s going on guys and welcome back to the pit man cook kitchen today’s video is a lot of fun because we are doing a meal prep video now whether you are vegan vegetarian or just someone who likes to be adventurous and try out some new stuff from time to time this video is […]

Roasted Vegetables | The Basics

Vegetables take different amounts of time to cook, so you gonna need to cook them in stages starting with the vegetables that take the longest to cook. We’ve got eggplant. We’ve got zucchini, some peppers, and an onion. Of this collection, it’s the onion that’s going to take the longest. An onion is all held […]

Hotel Saravana Bhavan Style Veg Kurma|| Zero Oil Healthy Vegetable Kuruma ||Ep 159

Hi!!!Namaskar!!!Hope you all are doing good.I’m also doing good Wheat parotta was my last recipe.Got so many pictures and good responses from my followers Those who haven’t tried it,don’t forget to make a try Since the time I did the wheat parotta video,I’ve been getting requests for the saravana bhavan style veg kurma recipe I […]