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Does Keto, Paleo & Vegan Diets HARM Your Body (ANSWER)

Hey, everybody out there. Coach Dan Long with the Over 40 Protocol. And this is the solution for who? It’s the solution for ketogenic diet. That’s what people have to consume, if you’re one of them, to be able to get into ketosis. Yes, ketosis. Now, you can see a link around here. Don’t click […]

Protein Rich Vegetarian Foods For Summer

protein is an essential nutrient to the body and most people consume protein through Dairy products and meat although they are good sources, they come with certain side effects such as increase in body weight, cholesterol levels and body heat during the summer. On dieting Right we’ll see some protein rich vegetarian food you can […]

How To Make Soy Milk Easily At Home (with just 2 ingredients!)

Hi guys, Today, I’m going to show you how I make soy milk at home with just soy beans and water. You can flavour it with your choice of sweetener or use this plain soy milk to make other things like your own tofu or cultured cheese. Keep in mind that this soy milk tastes […]

Top 5 Vegetarian Protein Sources for Women (TO TONE UP AND LEAN OUT!!)

Hi, guys! I’m trainer Amy-Jo with ATHLEANXX for Women. This video is for all of you vegetarians out there struggling to get protein in and kind of curious about how to add that into your daily count, making sure you’re getting enough. I know it can be challenging, but it’s definitely not impossible. So I […]

HOW DO VEGANS GET PROTEIN? | top vegan protein sources

Welcome back to RainbowPlantLife. Today I’m going to continue with my series on my favorite vegan protein sources. If you haven’t seen Part I yet, I will link to it at the end of this video. Before we get started, I just want to point out that I got my hair cut. Alright, sorry about […]

Top 10 Vegetarian Protein Sources

Top 10 Protein Sources for Vegetarians Proteins are the building blocks of body tissue, and even give the body the energy it needs to grow and develop properly. When protein is digested, it breaks down into amino acids. The Institute of Medicine says that women need at least 46 grams of protein a day, and […]