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My 4-Day High Protein Vegan Meal Plan

what’s going on guys and welcome back to the pit man cook kitchen today’s video is a lot of fun because we are doing a meal prep video now whether you are vegan vegetarian or just someone who likes to be adventurous and try out some new stuff from time to time this video is […]

Making Vegan Meals In The Microwave

– The one thing I can give this is that it is still vegan. (upbeat electric guitar music) I think a lot of the kind of ideas around vegan is must stem from kind of like everything being perfect and take a long time and being expensive or whatever. So, it’ll be interesting to see […]

Why Vegan Diet Didn’t Work For Me

Hey Guys! It’s been a little while but I wanted to give you a little update about what’s going on right now in our life. Lots and lots of things are changing and I have to tell you some of it has been really difficult and so let’s talk about it. So I really don’t […]


only the trying pot thanks Dan okay hello am i amazing beautiful wonderful fantastic friends welcome back to my channel so I asked you guys on my Instagram I did a little poll about what video I should do next I think I’m just gonna end up doing both but I wanted to know what […]

Diabetes, Heart Disease, Hypertension – Oil-free Vegan Diet, Anti-Aging

Nick: You’re looking at these therapies, you’re putting them into practice, you’re discarding what doesn’t work, you’re embracing what works. You’re a prolific author, you share this information. Now you’re getting a chance share it with my audience. And we have a lot of doctors who tune into our YouTube channel and also just practitioners […]

Vegan: Everyday Stories

(calling animals) – Whoo! Whoo! Two months ago, I was going to put the chickens up like I do every night, and they all come running and following me, and she was just down. And she wouldn’t get up. And I thought, that’s weird. And so I went over and just gently walked over to […]