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How The Beyond Meat Burger Is Taking Over The Beef Industry

Ahh, the burger. America’s best friend. Juicy, tender, mouthwatering. Since time immemorial, it’s practically been our country’s third trademark. But all that meat comes at a cost. The U.S. processed 32.2 million cattle and calves in 2017, according to the North American Meat Institute. People love meat. I love meat. But there’s also a recognition […]

Simple Vegan Pizza Recipe | Oil Free

I’m Mike and today we’re going to ‘Mike’ a pizza! … And make one. Allright, let’s take a quick overview of the ingredients I’m going to use. For the crust it’s just two ingredients: It’s just water and whole white wheat which I think is smoother than the red wheat and more pizza like. For […]

Vegan vs. Omnivore: The Debate (Breakdown of Kahn & Kresser)

This is a chronological breakdown of the Joe Rogan Experience #1175 – with Dr. Joel Kahn and Chris Kresser, debating on whether a whole foods based vegan diet or a whole foods based omnivore diet is better.  I’ll lay out their arguments and add a little commentary where relevant. At the end I’ll briefly talk […]

Vegan Diet Can’t Meet Nutritional Needs? Dr T Colin Campbell

Have you heard the claim that a plant based diet cannot meet all our nutritional requirements? Well many people who are on a 100% plant based diet tend to be bombarded with the message that you can’t get all your nutrients on this diet. Where do you get your protein, iron, calcium, vitamin b12, vitamin […]

Being Vegetarian | BEING BLANK | FINALLY

Guys, today’s my treat. order whatever you want. one pan fry, mutton chukka, goat leg soup One tandoori, chicken lollipop with mutton biriyani One boiled prawn and crab One curd rice With pickle You look like a pot head, are you really a vegan? Don’t you eat non veg? only this month or for lifetime? […]

Why This Vegan Diet Can Cause Cancer-Dr John McDougall

We’ve known since the 1970’s that there is a very strong correlation between the consumption of total fat and many different cancers and a well founded correlation between animal fat consumption and cancer and in particular lymphoma, breast, prostate and colon cancer. However there is powerful scientific evidence that also shows a connection between the […]

Vegan Meringue with Aqua Faba | Tutorial by Mary’s Test Kitchen

Hi guys, In the vegan baking world, meringue has been a challenge not easily conquered at home. But fairly recently, this has changed. Sparked by a picture of vegan pavlova by Goose Wohlt on a Facebook group, humorously named What Fat Vegans Eat, a spin off group has been experimenting with a strange ingredient that […]

Why are so many ATHLETES going VEGAN? 🌱Director Interview w/ Santio Panico

The word vegan and the word athlete traditionally don’t go together there is this very common misconception that if you’re eating a plant-based diet if you’re not eating meat that you are gonna suffer a protein deficiency Do I look like I’m not getting protein I mean really? we’ve been entrenched in this idea that […]

#11 Mic the Vegan | Dispelling Dietary Dogma

and we’re back hello and welcome to another exciting episode of dauntless dialogue I’m your host Adam Riva this is episode 11 with me today we have Mike the vegan you probably know him best from YouTube he’s got nearly a quarter million subscribers which is no easy feat for someone who’s covering diet from […]

Top Vegan & Vegetarian Protein Sources | You Versus Food

(easygoing digital music) – “I’m a vegetarian. “Please help me find protein sources.” I’ve got you, protein can be hiding in so many things, from vegetables, to beans, to pasta, to your favorite whole grains. “Wait, did you just say pasta?” Yes, I did, chickpea pasta has one of the highest protein contents out of […]