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I Went Vegan for 30 Days: Here’s What Happened to Me

Veganism is hot right now. It feels like every day more and more people are trying it out. It’s political, it’s controversial, and I’ve decided to try going vegan for 30 days here in Mexico City, but with a twist. There are many great reasons why one might do this: For the environmental impact, which […]

Michael Klaper, M.D., Vegan Diet Truths and Myths interviewed by Dr. Nick Delgado

Michael: The most important principles of diet as far as I’m concerned is to keep a steady stream of whole plant foods flowing through your digestive system and thus through your bloodstream and thus through your tissues day after day, week after week, month after month, bathing your tissues in all the wonderful phytonutrients and […]

How The Beyond Meat Burger Is Taking Over The Beef Industry

Ahh, the burger. America’s best friend. Juicy, tender, mouthwatering. Since time immemorial, it’s practically been our country’s third trademark. But all that meat comes at a cost. The U.S. processed 32.2 million cattle and calves in 2017, according to the North American Meat Institute. People love meat. I love meat. But there’s also a recognition […]

Vegan vs. Omnivore: The Debate (Breakdown of Kahn & Kresser)

This is a chronological breakdown of the Joe Rogan Experience #1175 – with Dr. Joel Kahn and Chris Kresser, debating on whether a whole foods based vegan diet or a whole foods based omnivore diet is better.  I’ll lay out their arguments and add a little commentary where relevant. At the end I’ll briefly talk […]

Vegan Diet Can’t Meet Nutritional Needs? Dr T Colin Campbell

Have you heard the claim that a plant based diet cannot meet all our nutritional requirements? Well many people who are on a 100% plant based diet tend to be bombarded with the message that you can’t get all your nutrients on this diet. Where do you get your protein, iron, calcium, vitamin b12, vitamin […]

25 RIPPED Vegan Athletes Part 1 | LIVEKINDLY

– [Narrator] These 25 vegan athletes are breaking records and busting myths about eating plant-based. In a two-part series, we will explore the top names in vegan sport and competition. If you have seen this video already, you can skip ahead to part two when it’s out. If you’re still with us, let’s dive right […]

Broccoli Crunch Salad Recipe :: Vegan

[MUSIC PLAYING] -Aloha, friends. It’s Cobi. For this Veggietorial, I’m going to show you how I make a broccoli crunch salad. So let’s get started. [MUSIC PLAYING] -I start by cutting organic broccoli into bite-size florettes. This is my absolute favorite way to eat this nutritional powerhouse. Shred, grate, or spiralize your carrots. I added […]


I’m a vegan. And amongst other things, that means that I don’t eat any animal foods. So it means I don’t pay for people to chop animals’ heads off, and I don’t eat their flesh. Well, I’m an adult, I don’t consume any milk anyway, and I certainly don’t eat any eggs, which have come […]

I Went Vegan for a Month. Here’s What Happened.

(dramatic drumroll) I feel like garbage. (music) (upbeat music, with vocalizing) Veganism, the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals. Simple, vegans don’t eat meat, dairy, eggs, or any stuff derived from animals. BOOOM! Explanation complete-ly not done yet. […]