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Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet?

My dad passed away from heart failure when I was 13 and I always used to get like a heart pang before. I just thought it was normal. Since I went vegan, I’ve never had that. I film the stories of people from all walks of life. To help us see the world through each […]

5 Ethical REASONS You Should GO VEGAN (And Stay Vegan) | LIVEKINDLY

– [Announcer] According to experts, 2019 will be the year that veganism goes mainstream. Demand for vegan food is driving restaurant chains to adopt more meat and dairy-free options. Oat milk is becoming a coffee shop staple. Celebrities are going vegan in record numbers, and a quarter of Americans between the age of 25 and […]


only the trying pot thanks Dan okay hello am i amazing beautiful wonderful fantastic friends welcome back to my channel so I asked you guys on my Instagram I did a little poll about what video I should do next I think I’m just gonna end up doing both but I wanted to know what […]

Myth-Busting the Plant-Based Diet | In The Kitchen With Pampered Chef

– Hi, I’m Sandy and I’m back in the kitchen with Pampered Chef. In this episode, I’m gonna talk about the plant-based diet and some common myths that go along with this very popular way of eating. (upbeat music) So let’s get real for a minute. What does a plant-based diet look like. A plant-based […]