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Eating ALL the vegan food in Austin, Texas – food carts & restaurants

what’s up I’m Kevin. I’m Laura. And we’re vegan RV yeah we are and it’s really bright out right now yep from the look of it with all the blue skies and everything you wouldn’t know that it freakin hailed here earlier I thought I was gonna break the solar panels yeah that’s crazy exactly […]

Long Term Raw Vegan Has a Stroke Why a Raw Diet May Not be Healthy

A doughnut for every diet yes even pay Leo and draw a Vegan just because you’ve sworn off terry slash gluten slash legumes slash refined sugars cooked foods everything fun doesn’t mean you should be defined of history’s greatest breakfast pastry of the doughnut doll year recipes and vendors with a doughnut to Faye every […]

Gastroenterologist Reveals The Effect Of A Vegan Diet On Gut Health

– 70% of the population is lactose intolerant. Why is it legal to eat dairy? It should be illegal. If they conducted a study, and it shows 70% of the people, participants in that study, were damaged from it, would the FDA approve it? The answer is no, so why is dairy legal? My name […]

Plant-Based Diet with Meal Preparation / Vegan Food Transitioning #1

Hello I’m Maricel. I’m a personal chef and I conduct Food Workshops and Cooking Classes to support you and inspire you with your diet. In today’s video I would like to share with you how to get started on a plant-based diet without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. And specially if you have a family […]

The Vegan Diet: 7 Critical Nutrients Every Vegan NEEDS

A well-balanced vegan diet is known for it’s beneficial effects on your health. However, a common mistake people make when they go vegan is that they assume that they will become healthier just because they eat vegan foods. To be fair, vegan foods are in general healthier than regular foods. Though, sometimes the term healthy […]

Are Peanuts A Good Source of Protein? Vegetarian, Plant-Based Protein Sources

My name is Jada Linton, and I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist with the national peanut board. I think that peanuts have so many benefits to your health. They have 7 grams of protein, which is more protein than any nut. That’s amazing, don’t you think? Peanuts are mostly good fat, and a recent study shows […]


Hello friends ‘Tubers and my fellow home skillets today I am going to be showing you how to make vegan french toast healthy and if you wanna follow along with me you’re going to need a nonstick pan because this recipe is going to be oil free and wheat free so it is going to […]