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How to Make Matty Matheson’s “Guaranteed To Get You Laid” Lasagna

You should never date anyone who doesn’t like lasagna. If you don’t like lasagna, you’re probably an idiot, and you probably vote for people that you shouldn’t vote for. I’m Matty Matheson, the host of Keep it Canada, and you’re in my apartment. Again, to show you how to make lasagna. See all this stuff? […]

催芽黃豆 | How to Sprout Soybeans | How-To

Germinated Soybeans 2.5 plastic rice cups of soybeans Rinse and drain the beans several times under running water, until bubbles decreased. Cover the beans with 5 rice cups of water. Soak the beans for 6-8 hours. Change water once. Prepare a large bowl with a strainer. Place the soaked soybeans in the strainer and cover […]

Best CALAMARI SALAD recipe (Squid!)

chef buck here and today we’re throwing together a calamari salad now if you never had squid salad man give that a try and I know squids not the prettiest thing in the sea but man we got to eat some of these ugly foods up we just can’t eat the good-looking foods otherwise the […]

Simple Vegan Pizza Recipe | Oil Free

I’m Mike and today we’re going to ‘Mike’ a pizza! … And make one. Allright, let’s take a quick overview of the ingredients I’m going to use. For the crust it’s just two ingredients: It’s just water and whole white wheat which I think is smoother than the red wheat and more pizza like. For […]

Chinese Vegetarian Spaghetti Stir Fry Recipe ~ Vegetable Lo Mein

I’m Tess and today I’m going to show you how to make an easy and delicious Chinese vegetarian lo mein using spaghetti noodles. Stay tuned. (intro) There are two popular questions that I receive on my Chinese lo mein recipe videos. One is, can I make a vegetarian Chinese lo mein?, and the other is, […]

THERMOFORMING 300° CORIAN (how to make salad servers)

Hey, guys, we’re Evan and Katelyn, and today we’re going to make salad hands by heat forming Corian. So, we should be able to heat this up and mold it into different shapes. That’s what the internet says. (laughs) So, we’re gonna try it. Okay, so we’re getting set up to carve right now. The […]


– [Narrator] How to blanch vegetables. – [Instructor] Blanching is a quick technique for preparing tender, crisp vegetables that uses boiling water and an ice bath, which shocks the vegetables to stop the cooking process. Blanched vegetables are perfect for stir fries, platters, and much more. Prepare a large bowl of ice water, known as […]

Keto Cooking: The Best Low Carb Vegetables

one of the biggest misconceptions about a keto or low-carb diet is that all the foods you’re going to eat will be bland or cooked to death the reality is so far from it vegetables both cooked and raw play an important role in helping to keep the keto diet balanced nutritious and delicious of […]