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TERRIFYING Things That Happen When You Don’t Eat Your Vegetables

When you were young, did you parents have to force you to eat your vegetables by saying that you couldn’t have dessert until you finished them? Or were you one of the very few kids who actually enjoyed eating vegetables? Either way, as we grew up, we started to learn that fruits & veggies contain […]

Don’t Like Vegetables? Try This!

Hey guys, Dr. Berg here. I wanted to create a video for those individuals who do not like vegetables. I am that person. I never did, I still don’t, but I eat a lot of vegetables. Okay? But let’s talk about it. Why don’t people like vegetables? First of all, it’s time consuming. You have […]


comer comida vegana mientras viajas, debo admitir que no es siempre lo más fácil. A no ser que vengas a Bali Entonces, has entrado en un paraíso tropical para veganos En este vídeo quiero compartir algunos de los increíbles alimentos que los veganos pueden disfrutar en la isla. Puedes usarlo de inspiración o justamente por […]

How-To: Make a Veggie Burger with Cara Nicoletti

is anyone else as annoyed about salt Bay as I am because he’s literally doing everything you’re not supposed to do he’s cutting the meat before he rested and he’s salting it after he cooks it also he takes this leg of lamb hit xmax it’s but it’s just like so rude I do not […]

3 Healthy Meals in 5 Minutes (Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly)

What’s up beautiful people? It is your homegirl Chef Shameless, all up in the building! And I’m going to break it down for you, 3 quick meals in under 5 minutes. Because I do not like wasting my time in their, because I would rather be doing something else like eating. So, I’m going to […]

Whole Foods Haul || Vegan Chocolate

Hey guys, this is Heather So I was in New York last month, and I do stock up on a few things when I’m there that I don’t have access to at home. One of those things is chocolate. Because there’s a Whole Foods just a couple blocks from where I stay with my brother, […]