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Iceland’s No Bull Vegan Burger Review

[Music intro] Hey everyone I’m Jay from Quirky Jerk and this is the vegan edition… Quirky but no beef Jerky. Today I’m talking about Iceland’s very first own brand vegan burger, no bull. All truth. Oh, that’s the name… ‘No Bull’. [Mouths] Are you sure? Their catchy slogan is, plant-based burgers that look like meat, […]

WatchMojo Debunks The Vegan Diet!

Want to learn how to make a video about interesting vegan facts that subversively gives the vegan movement a kick in its collective gonads?! Great! Let’s get started. Hi it’s Emily from Bite Size Vegan and welcome to a special vegan nugget. Let’s dive right in, shall we. We’re going to use the stunning case […]

How to make a salad from possessed vegetables

Well, hello there! Today I’m going to show you how to make a lovely summer salad from some possessed vegetables. Just so you can see the subtle differences for yourselves, this is your average cucumber, and THIS is a cucumber I picked up the last time I crossed over into the fourth dimension of darkness. […]

Try Guys Drunk Vegan Fast Food Taste Test

– Good afternoon internet! – Hi! – [Man] You want a shot? – [Zach] Yeah, I think we need a shot. – [Ned] We need a shot, yeah. – [Man] Alright. – Cause we’re drunk, but we could get more drunk. You okay? (laughing) – [Ned] We are drunk, and we’re gonna have fast food […]

vegan pizza SUCKS

Hey guys, it’s Emma, *clears throat* and today I’m back with another cooking with me video. Today I’m going to be cooking vegan pizza because… You know what I don’t need to give you an explanation, that’s just what I’m doing and if you don’t like it then you can leave. Just kidding, um, I […]

🐛 Bug Salad 🐞 ‘Bug Salad’ Ep #6 | Official FULL Episode | Nick

[music playing] Hey, I live here! Hey, I live here! Hey, I live here! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Now, Winston, I know getting the mail’s exciting to you but don’t forget about being a good neighbor! Oh, shoot, you’re right! It’s just that I’m so excited about my package! Pipe down! – We’re so sorry! […]