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How to Make Matty Matheson’s “Guaranteed To Get You Laid” Lasagna

You should never date anyone who doesn’t like lasagna. If you don’t like lasagna, you’re probably an idiot, and you probably vote for people that you shouldn’t vote for. I’m Matty Matheson, the host of Keep it Canada, and you’re in my apartment. Again, to show you how to make lasagna. See all this stuff? […]

TERRIFYING Things That Happen When You Don’t Eat Your Vegetables

When you were young, did you parents have to force you to eat your vegetables by saying that you couldn’t have dessert until you finished them? Or were you one of the very few kids who actually enjoyed eating vegetables? Either way, as we grew up, we started to learn that fruits & veggies contain […]

Caprese Salad | Gennaro Contaldo | Italian Special

Hi lovely people! I’m so excited I am in Italy, you can see how beautiful it is. All the world is beautiful but Italy’s home for me and let me show you how to make the perfect salad, yes! The one I’m talking about is the caprese, insalata caprese. First of all, you need to […]

Vegan Podcast | Five Favorite Foods: Quinoa, Kale, Blueberries, Tempeh, and Tea

Welcome to Food for Thought. I’m Colleen Patrick-Goudreau from Compassionate Cooks. I founded Compassionate Cooks to empower people to make informed food choices and to debunk myths about vegetarianism and animal rights. You can learn more about who we are and what we do by visiting www.compassionatecooks.com. A few years ago in Vegetarian Times’ magazine, […]

The Raw Chef TV | Raw food green goddess salad recipe

So for St. Patrick’s Day this year, then, we’re going to do a really amazing Green Goddess salad. If you were with me last year, you remember we did these green kale chips which went down an absolute storm. It’s got to be green on St. Patrick’s Day. And so we’ve got the salad and […]

A Giant Salad! | Ernie Cooks | HiHo Kids

– Well, so we’re gonna put in this… ♪ Patty cake, patty cake baker’s man ♪ ♪ bake me a salad as fast as you can ♪ (bouncy, bass thumping beat) Welcome to Ernie Cooks, and we’re gonna make a giant salad, that looks like any food. – So you wana use spinach?. Do you […]

催芽黃豆 | How to Sprout Soybeans | How-To

Germinated Soybeans 2.5 plastic rice cups of soybeans Rinse and drain the beans several times under running water, until bubbles decreased. Cover the beans with 5 rice cups of water. Soak the beans for 6-8 hours. Change water once. Prepare a large bowl with a strainer. Place the soaked soybeans in the strainer and cover […]

What a vegetarian can eat in Mexico, by Jeremy from France

So my name is Jeremy I come from France I m 28 years old, I’ve been living in Mexico for about a year now I am a teacher actually and I’m trying to open my business with a friend So funny food and beverages experiences… For me it’s a little particular because I am a […]