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Soybean Vein Necrosis Virus

Through work done at the University of Arkansas, plant pathologist Yannis Tzanetakis has identified a new virus which is called  Soybean Vein Necrosis Virus. The researchers now have proof that the virus causes the disease Soybean Vein Necrosis.   Early signs of Soybean Vein Necrosis are usually found around the middle of June, with the […]

Managing Phosphorus for No-till Corn and Soybean

(Music) And I’ll be taking the first part talking about really phosphorus management and no till corn and soybean. Jason Miller with NRCS will be doing stuff on how own sampling. So that’s how we’ll work it, kinda half of each and so none of us will get too tired then. And so I guess […]

Soybean Loopers

I’m Scott Aikin, Extension Entomologist with the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service and today I am going to talk to about the Looper complex. The looper complex like other insects in soybeans, tend to feed primarily on the leaves. Which of course term we call that is just defoliation, one important thing to keep […]

Soybean Burndown

I’m Bob Scott, Extension Weed Scientist, with the University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture. It’s March in Arkansas and this means that soybean burndown season is in full swing. There are a few things that are important to remember when it comes to burning down fields for soybeans. A typical burndown program in Arkansas will […]

Soybean Salt Stress Testing

I’m Dr. Ken Korth, Professor of Plant Pathology here at the University of Arkansas. I’ve been working with Dr. Pengyin Chen, our soybean breeder, on salt tolerance tests for the last three years now. We really focus on the molecular aspects of this project. And that is really looking at how the plant responds to […]

Current Soybean Seed Conditions in Arkansas

According to Dr. Rick Cartwright with the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, planting soybean in June makes getting a stand more of a challenge. Seed has now been stored since harvest and our studies have shown that vigor of soybean seed decreases as we get closer to June planting time. It is critical to […]

Soybean Seedling Blights: North Central Soybean Research Program

I’m Kiersten Wise extension specialist for field crop diseases at Purdue University Hi, I’m Loren Giesler extension plant pathologist University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Today we’re going to spend some time talking about seedling diseases in soybeans and what we see typically for symptoms and how to identify those and then what to do for management so […]

Arkansas Soybean Disease Screening Program

Since 1990, the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board has supported the most comprehensive soybean disease-screening program in the southern United States. A combination of field nurseries and greenhouse tests are used to evaluate all cultivars entered in the University of Arkansas Variety Testing Program each year. The result of this effort forms the basis for our […]