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TERRIFYING Things That Happen When You Don’t Eat Your Vegetables

When you were young, did you parents have to force you to eat your vegetables by saying that you couldn’t have dessert until you finished them? Or were you one of the very few kids who actually enjoyed eating vegetables? Either way, as we grew up, we started to learn that fruits & veggies contain […]

Vegan Podcast | Five Favorite Foods: Quinoa, Kale, Blueberries, Tempeh, and Tea

Welcome to Food for Thought. I’m Colleen Patrick-Goudreau from Compassionate Cooks. I founded Compassionate Cooks to empower people to make informed food choices and to debunk myths about vegetarianism and animal rights. You can learn more about who we are and what we do by visiting www.compassionatecooks.com. A few years ago in Vegetarian Times’ magazine, […]

Vegan Intermittent Fasting in Bali – Full Day of Eating

hey guys Kevin Kreider I thought today would be a great day to do a full day of eating on internment fasting and a vegan diet what I decided to do with my intermittent fasting with the vegan diet since I find it hard and difficult to get enough calories and the day because it’s […]

Simple Way to Protect Vegetables in Your Garden from Birds

Alright! This is John Kohler with growingyourgreens.com coming at you in HD from the backyard garden, and today we’ve got another exciting episode for you. This is not a fun one, and this one’s having to do with pests. Pests in your garden, and one particular kind of pest you may be having, and I […]

My Favorite Foods & Foods I Love | Vegetarian Diet

Hi everyone! I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite foods and what I like to eat and cook. This is a follow up video about my diet so I’ll have an annotation and a link in the description if you would like to learn how I became a vegetarian. My diet in […]

Irish People Try Vegan Food (Milk, Turkey, Gummy Bears, …)

– [George] I’m-a try vegan food and people of the Internet are gonna get angry at me. – [Ryan] *laughs* Whatever I’ve had has always been horrible. – [George] The consistency of the food is gonna make me go, “Nope!” – [Niamh] So, I think I’ll just be able to, like, kind of – smell […]

How To Make A Salad That Doesn’t Suck

– [Voiceover] This salad sucks. In fact, most salads suck. Most salads suck because people don’t know how to make salads. So here’s how to make a salad that doesn’t suck. First thing, don’t use iceberg lettuce, or any lettuce, unless you really want your salad to taste like a glass of water. Use a […]