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Vegan Podcast | Five Favorite Foods: Quinoa, Kale, Blueberries, Tempeh, and Tea

Welcome to Food for Thought. I’m Colleen Patrick-Goudreau from Compassionate Cooks. I founded Compassionate Cooks to empower people to make informed food choices and to debunk myths about vegetarianism and animal rights. You can learn more about who we are and what we do by visiting www.compassionatecooks.com. A few years ago in Vegetarian Times’ magazine, […]

Vegan Intermittent Fasting in Bali – Full Day of Eating

hey guys Kevin Kreider I thought today would be a great day to do a full day of eating on internment fasting and a vegan diet what I decided to do with my intermittent fasting with the vegan diet since I find it hard and difficult to get enough calories and the day because it’s […]

催芽黃豆 | How to Sprout Soybeans | How-To

Germinated Soybeans 2.5 plastic rice cups of soybeans Rinse and drain the beans several times under running water, until bubbles decreased. Cover the beans with 5 rice cups of water. Soak the beans for 6-8 hours. Change water once. Prepare a large bowl with a strainer. Place the soaked soybeans in the strainer and cover […]

Best CALAMARI SALAD recipe (Squid!)

chef buck here and today we’re throwing together a calamari salad now if you never had squid salad man give that a try and I know squids not the prettiest thing in the sea but man we got to eat some of these ugly foods up we just can’t eat the good-looking foods otherwise the […]

Debunking the paleo diet | Christina Warinner | TEDxOU

Translator: Kelly Burt Reviewer: Laura Díaz Aguirre Thank you, it’s a pleasure to be here. I’m an archaeological scientist and I study the health and dietary histories of ancient peoples using bone biochemistry and ancient DNA. I’m here because I want to talk to you about the Paleo Diet. It’s one of America’s fastest growing […]

How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Become a Vegetarian or Vegan

How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Become a Vegetarian or Vegan. Do you hate the thought of eating animals, but Mom and Dad are die-hard carnivores? Use cold hard facts to let them know that going veggie is the way to go. You will need Health facts Environmental data Humanitarian reasons A list […]

Protein Rich Vegetarian Foods For Summer

protein is an essential nutrient to the body and most people consume protein through Dairy products and meat although they are good sources, they come with certain side effects such as increase in body weight, cholesterol levels and body heat during the summer. On dieting Right we’ll see some protein rich vegetarian food you can […]

My Favorite Foods & Foods I Love | Vegetarian Diet

Hi everyone! I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite foods and what I like to eat and cook. This is a follow up video about my diet so I’ll have an annotation and a link in the description if you would like to learn how I became a vegetarian. My diet in […]

Keto Cooking: The Best Low Carb Vegetables

one of the biggest misconceptions about a keto or low-carb diet is that all the foods you’re going to eat will be bland or cooked to death the reality is so far from it vegetables both cooked and raw play an important role in helping to keep the keto diet balanced nutritious and delicious of […]