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Chef Whitney Watts Turned Her Life around with a Vegan Diet

I think that I almost have like a responsibility to present vegan food in a non-intimidating way by using a lot of things that are familiar to them. My name is Whitney. I go by Chef Whit. I am a personal chef, and I am the owner of This Girl’s Grub. So I’m from Chicago, […]

Roasted Vegetables | The Basics

Vegetables take different amounts of time to cook, so you gonna need to cook them in stages starting with the vegetables that take the longest to cook. We’ve got eggplant. We’ve got zucchini, some peppers, and an onion. Of this collection, it’s the onion that’s going to take the longest. An onion is all held […]

vegan pumpkin scones | hot for food

[lauren] *screams* [lauren] what’s going on everyone? it’s lauren here from hot for food [lauren] and i’m going to bake for you today, i know you love baking. [lauren] i see your pictures, you’re getting better at it. [lauren] and it’s not as hard as you think. especially vegan baking. [lauren] there’s a little bit […]