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म म साँधेको Recipe (Momo Salad) [ENG Subtitles]

Hello everyone, Namaste, and welcome to Himalaya kitchen Todsy. I am here with the recipe of momo sandheko ( momo salad) Today I am showing how to make it tasteir For this, I have taken 10 pieces of chicken momos You can take other momos too I have taken 1 medium sized onion finely cut […]

How to make Zero Fat Salad Dressing | Jamie Oliver

Okay Food Tubers, a zero fat gorgeous, amazing salad dressing. And if it sounds too good to be true then let me show you how to do it. But before we do this let’s just have a comparison French dressing if I have a pint of French dressing okay we’re talking well i about 3000 […]

Easy Vegetable Curry | Tim Shieff

Hey food tube, I’m Tim Shieff, professional freerunner and professional food lover. I’m back thanks to all the love you guys are giving me, so thank you for that. This time I’ve teamed up with Jamie’s food team to come up with a great vegetable curry that ticks all the vegan boxes as well. Everyone […]

Mighty Waldorf Salad | Jamie Oliver

We’re gonna do a beautiful version of a Waldorf Salad ok. This is a classic salad from the Waldorf Hotel in New York. I’m still going to honor and respect the basis of the salad but I want to take you on a bit. I want to express myself with roasted grapes, that healthy dressing. […]