Salad Pizza!?  – Eat The Pizza! #19

Salad Pizza!? – Eat The Pizza! #19

I love Dijon, so I think it’s great, and
I think you’re gonna need, uh, more than that. I’ll double it. Hey! I’m Alyssia. And I’m Christian! And welcome to Eat the Pizza. And today we’re making: SALAD Pizza! Salad Pizza?? Say WHAT?! Say what. Say what? Say whaaaaaaat!? Salad pizza is a real thing, and we’ve ordered
it quite a few times, and it’s delicious! It is good. It’s pretty much a homemade crust that’s got a bunch of garlic and parmesan
and sesame seeds on it, baked, and then there’s a delicious
salad on top with A LOT of avocado, which is my current favorite food. This is actually gonna be the same base crust
recipe that we used…um, in the… Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Pizza. We just thought it was a really good crust,
and that we should make use of it again. So, we’re gonna have a few variations that
we’re gonna throw in there to change it up, but pretty much it’s the
same. You wanna add the water? Yep. So we’ve got flour, water, sugar, and yeast,
and we’re gonna whisk that up until it’s well integrated, and then let
that sit ‘til foamy. You’re spillin’ yeast everywhere. No I’m not! Look at all this yeast! *SINGING* Active dry yeeeeast. Active dry— Now we wait until it’s foamy. Now we wait. Alright. And now we wait. Give it like 10 minutes probably. See how it’s light and fluffy? That means the yeast is activated! So, for the sake of this pizza I thought we would
add extra garlic, because that pizza’s crust, from the place we
got it, is VERY garlicky, and I think it’s delicious. It’s garlic-filled, and it’s garlick-y. Garlic powder, you wanna add the paste? Why don’t I add some garlic paste? A lil bit of salt. How much? I dunno. That’s probably good. And then some oregano, because it’s pizza. Can’t go wrong with oregano. Ooh it smells good. It smells like a dough. It smells like oregano. Smells like a pizza. And I’m gonna line the inside of this bowl
with some olive oil. Alright, so now we gotta knead this together. The recipe originally called for 10 minutes, but I’ve made this dough a bunch of times
now, and I only ever do it for like 5 minutes and
it’s always fine, so. *SINGING* Kneading, kneading, kneading, kneading. It takes quite a bit of muscle actually. Takes quite a bit of muscle. You’ve got a bunch of flour in your hair
right now. NO! Now we match. Been 3 minutes now! My turn. Alright, it’s probably good. So now, we take our dough into a ball and
place it into our olive-oil-lined dish. Brilliant. That’s brilliant. Wanna get a towel? Cover it with a towel for 2 hours. Ta-da. So then you have to wait 2 hours for that
to double in size, refrigerate it overnight or 8 hours, and then let it thaw out for 2 hours before you’re
gonna use it and you get… This. The exact same dough we just made, but I made
it yesterday. Also, I forgot to, um… let it…sit out for 2 hours, so we’re just
gonna hope it works. Boink. I know you’re supposed to do the magical
thing like they do, like this with their hands, but it’s just easier to use a rolling pin
for a novice like us. I don’t really wanna toss this pizza because
then we won’t have a pizza. Alright, so now we gotta move this onto our
pizza peel. Which, we don’t actually have a real pizza
peel, it’s that brown thingy, so we’re just using this. And this is gonna help us transfer it to our
pizza stone. Oh, look at that. Look at that! How, uh, good of you. WHOOOOO! So, the pizza stone has been heating in the
oven, it’s extremely hot. We wouldn’t have taken it out except for
filming purposes, so we’re gonna make this quick. So we’re gonna add—well I thought we would
add parmesan a whole thing and you know how they put their sesame seeds
around the corner, edges? Be very careful not to touch this. Alright, here, you do this, I’ll do the
sesame seeds. Okay. Into the oven it goes! I’m not making the same mistake I
make every single time we cut onions on this show. So I’m wearing my onion goggles. Alright, so I’m chopping an onion. What are you doing Christian? I’m gonna make the salad dressing. Great, what’s going into it? Alright, so let’s start with the olive oil. This dressing is based off of the type of
dressing that they use on their salad at Grey Block Pizza,
but it’s— I just made that recipe up, I obviously don’t
know their recipe, so. I think this one’s gonna be very good. Ooh, we need the juice and zest of the lemon. How much onion do you want in this salad? Just like a regular amount. What do you think about that? I love Dijon so I think it’s great, and
I think you’re gonna need more than that. I’ll double it. I just realized I’ve been wearing these
onion goggles and I’ve been cutting tomatoes, so. Kalamata olives. How about we add some sour cream? Okay. So this is going to be the sauce, as well,
of the pizza. They supposedly add a thin layer of sour cream, but it might help neutralize our dressing
a little bit. We’ve got a bunch of different kinds of
greens for the salad, I got some romaine. Okay, this is just a spring mix. Would you like to do dome baby arugula? So, we’re giving these lettuces a toss. Oh, oh! It’s time to get the crust out of the oven! Alright, so it’s time to assemble
our salad. We have all of our lettuces and greens, and then, to that, we’re adding some red
onion, and now I’m thinking maybe this is
too much red onion for that amount, what do you think? Well, then just don’t add all of it. Olives, for a salty bite. Tomates. And I thought it wouldn’t be complete without…a
little bit of cheese, so. Goat cheese, that is! The best kind for a pizza, I think, and for
a salad! Now, ya give it a toss. And now it’s time for… the Pizza Fact of the Day! In the early 1900s, it was an actual thing
to encase salad in Jell-o. Wait—say what? You heard me right, I had to do a double take
when I heard this as well. It sounds fake, but really, it was a salad—normal
salad ingredients— put inside of a Jell-o mold with actual Jell-o,
and then it was diced up and served with mayonnaise. It’s—look how disgusting. It’s awful. I hate it. This is inspiring another episode, possibly. Jell-o pizza? Pizza Jell-o? What do you guys think? It seems that we have all of our components
and now we’re gonna first put the sauce on, which is… sour creme! Sour cream, and then we’re gonna do—I
presume salad, and then avocado on top? Yeeeaah. And the last thing… avocados. This looks pretty good, but I think there’s
one thing we could do… to make it look even better. I am obsessed with Trader Joe’s Everything
but the Bagel Seasoning, and it is so good on avocado, so… why not top it off. Plus you got like the sesame seeds. Yeah, it all works! Look at that! Whaaaaaaaaat?! Now that’s a salad pizza! Alright, and now it’s time…to Eat
The Pizza. Eat the Salad Pizza. Look at that nice crust. That’s a good crust. It’s like a really fluffy dough. Do you see that? Do you see that dough? Yeah, it’s like a focaccia. It’s pretty close. Oh my gosh! Maybe it’s better than them. You guys! That’s really good. This is like one of my favorite pizzas we’ve
ever made on the show and it’s a SALAD pizza! Oh my gosh. I can’t believe I’m saying that. This crust is better. Because their crust, it’s like…really
chewy. It’s a delicious crust for when you get
their cheese and stuff, but they use the same crust on the salad pizza, and so it’s chewy and it’s kinda hard
to eat with all the salad on it. And this, you bite your teeth into it and
it actually just comes apart. It’s so easy to eat. Oh my gosh! That’s really good. The sour cream as the sauce makes it so it’s
not too dry, but it’s packed with flavor. It’s nice because the crust is cooled, it’s
not like cold, it’s still a little bit warm, but the salad is cold, and so the nice contrast
of the cold salad— oh my gosh. This crust is a winner. If you’re gonna eat salad… this is the way to do it! Put it on a pizza! It’s delicious!! I’m not even kidding, this is like one of my favorite pizzas we’ve
ever made. I’m kidding even less. This recipe is going to be on,
along with our pizza merch, and you’ll also find all of our social channels
there, @EatThePizzaShow. Right down here. Thank you so much for liking, commenting,
and subscribing! And we’ll see ya next week, on Eat The Pizza! Uh, don’t mind if I do see ya next week. Mmmm this is so good. Mmmmm. Oh my gosh. Seriously.