OXO Salad Spinner – Harvesting and Cleaning Your Greens – Making it EASY!

Hey guys this is Jon from Shipman
Farm as you can see we process a lot of greens that’s what we picked today and
we are halfway through anyway I just wanted to cover a product that we bought
off Amazon a month ago and we’ve been using this and have just been loving
this product it’s an ox Oh salad spinner and I’ll put the Amazon link below
we do have an affiliate set up so it does help us out we appreciate it but we
also don’t recommend products that we don’t use yourself and that we don’t
really really like so let me show you this real quick you have a big plastic
bowl here and this is a cheaper alternative because a lot of these big
salad spinners you’re gonna get in the hundreds of dollars for a three or five
gallon salad spinner so this is a 6 quart salad spinner so it’s not as big
but it’s nice because for the average person this does you know a couple big
salads like we have over here so you can see you see our egg mess over there for
our worms so you rinse this off shake it out put it in the stainless steel bowl
and it has this nice little insert usually that clicks together and then
you just have a push turn that off you just push you can really get this thing
moving and it’s not near as difficult as some of the pump handles and other stuff
that we’ve used in the past and you set that down and you can see that came out
really really nice and in the bottom you can see the excess water so
I should have shaken out a little bit better to start with but I can always
pour it out and put it back in and I’ll show you real quick so I can show you it
has a break right here so you can actually push this and it’ll slow down
stop the bolts you don’t have to just sit there and wait or let it spin so see
you see not really any extra so you did a really good job the first time and
makes some really really nice fresh tasting lettuce so we’ve really enjoyed
it and I hope you do too don’t forget to subscribe below we do a lot of homestead
videos but we also do a few product review videos just the stuff that we’ve
used around the homestead that we really really have enjoyed and make for good
purchases so we’ll look forward to talking to you guys next on thanks