Meat Eaters Try Vegan Junk Food | Future Foods Ep.2 | Wriggle

Is this real shrimp? Is it real shrimp? Is it actually? My name’s Sam, i’m the general manager of Oowee Vegan in Bristol we strive to make burgers, shakes and dirty fries as tasty if not more, without any of the animal products about 50% of our customers I’d say are
vegan. We have a lot of non vegans coming in and just genuine enjoying the
food and that is almost more of a victory than convincing the vegans
because we knew the vegans were gonna well we hoped the vegans were gonna enjoy it and they do, but to convince the meat eaters that they don’t have to eat meat is
one of our primary goals and when they leave happy going back and kind of
sharing the excitement with their friends that’s what we aim for. I think I should be eating more healthier food, it doesn’t need to be vegan though healthy un-vegan food, like just veg veg is vegan right ok sorry yeah edit that out, makes me sound stupid init yeah i’m nervous, I dunno. I’m such a fussy eater mate. Like this? oh god ok Could be crickets couldn’t it, knowing you two we’re gonna be blending loads of vodka together with different flavours and we’re gonna be making a cricket flavoured gin that’s actually alright do you want another one? no I got a hunch, I reckon it’s cricket related. let’s give it a go, is it all the same? It’s good I’m into that It’s a bit more of a smoother texture I suppose it’s not as like maybe
granulated as some like beef mince burgers. It’s smushier, it’s not like, I dunno how to usually describe beef but it’s not the same texture it’s
softer I would say. I’d be able to tell that wasn’t a beef
burger I think personally yeah I think this tastes nice, quite burgery, quite smokey No, it doesn’t taste like beef but it doesn’t taste bad either. It’s a little bit more squidgy than your typical beef patty might be crickets, I dunno It’s not crickets It’s not beef out of ten I’d bang it on a seven I reckon, seven out of ten a six or seven Probably seven, between seven and a eight I think the thing is now I dunno anymore what I expect from a burger. Of the beef ones it’s probably the second most popular in my opinion is
probably the best one so it’s got garlic mayo, cheese, lettuce and pickled red onion so despite it being a beef burger with cheese and sauce, it’s quite light. The patties themselves are a company called Moving Mountains which is made of primarily
mushrooms and beetroot with some soy proteins and gluten kind of bind them together it’s quite a specialised process but it’s starting to expand more and more into kind of mainsteam market Now we’re talking. Fried chicken. Ooh this looks naughty that was pretty nice I thought it was gonna be crickets or something it looks like a chicken, like fried chicken burger quorn maybe? i’m not sure I’m thinking that is a very tasty burger It’s good nice, real nice I like the taste of the fried
bit the textures nice on the fillet nice crunch, very nice tasting sauce as well sure what it is but it tastes good mm-hmm, it’s not chicken I don’t think it’s a fried chicken burger it’s very similar to it it could be a great fake chicken fried
chicken burger It’s got a nice sort of crunch and crisp then a nice soft middle once you’ve gone through that crust the textures pretty much there. The colours a giveaway I think it’s when you look at it It’s a bit more brown than chicken usually is if I went to a restaurant, ordered a chicken burger and got this I’d probably get on with it, just crack through it, yeah if I were to rate it out of ten six point seven seven or eight nine out of ten can I have another bite? it’s quite tasty, still so the Sneaky Clucker is the number one
best-selling item on the entire menu it is for me, my favourite burger and I think it is actually the best one it’s quite simple burger it’s just
lettuce, cheese and burger sauce we make the burger sauce in-house, mayo, pickles, onion, paprika and mustard there is one more ingredient but we’ll keep that off the market. the worst thing is definitely the non-stop production of seitan it’s a very involved process we do pretty much open til close it’s just an all around solid chicken burger, well “chicken burger” to be fair not much gives it away, i’m starting to think that might be actual shrimp look like dirty fries with fried chicken
on it, i’d say let’s have a little whiff and cheese, and sauce. no, no cheese just sauce drizzled on top of what look to be shrimps they’re shaped like curved don’t quite know how to operate this one mmm I’m confused because I don’t know what it is that’s banging so it’s spicy but it’s not chicken taste like chicken, fried chicken, on chips the sauce seems a little bit blunt it could be a bit more sharper like actual Sriracha it actually tastes like calamari, is it called calamari in English? has that sort of suppose like bounce, when you’re eating prawns you sort of get can I have another dive in? the shape was a giveaway I probably should’ve clocked that like the texture is similar to that, it’s good though yeah these are good I can see they’ve even got like the
lines that you get on a normal shrimp reminds me of like fried rings of
yeah calamari that I used to eat when I was younger, with a bit of spice on it Is this real shrimp? yeah it’s pretty good, well I don’t know but it’s good whatever it is, it’s nice is it real shrimp? is it actually? yeah it’s pretty good though no it’s very good I put that up there, I would actually order that chuck that an eight for sure, eight out of ten like a strong seven, I think eight and a half to a nine ooh getting a nice bit of heat now as well from somewhere maybe that’s the blunt sauce that I was
referring to earlier coming from a bonafide chicken dirty fries eater, it’s good so the actual dish itself is a bed of chips with pickled red onion six shrimp and Sriracha mayo drizzled on the top the actual shrimp themselves are 75% water, soy proteins and seaweed extract and there are few other bits in there but
they’re the main items I do not understand how they make it as realistic as they do it’s the same texture, it looks the same, it tastes the same, it’s just not meat I think there’s probably a bit of vegan magic in there I reckon it does change my mind in trying more vegan food yeah definitely compared with any meaty option I’ve had before so for sure I think I always had this idea of vegan food as a bit not boring because I know there’s many
options but.. not as it’s fun there’s a certain element where sometimes you can trick them we have quite a few people on weekends after a few beers where they come and eat a cheeseburger and they’ve no idea it’s not meat and they come and ask us what butcher we use and so obviously it’s great to say it’s just
plants it’s such a more sustainable idea for everyone to reduce their impact than it is for everyone to be 100% vegan and so if everyone aims to be vegan for
three to five days a week that is so much more realistic a target than
everyone being 100% vegan you know