[KO/EN] 고추된장무침(Chili seasoned with soybean paste) 만드는 법

6T soybean paste
2T strong Korean soybean paste (cheongukjang)
Approximately 15 Cheongyang chillies
1 sliced red chilli
2T sesame oil
1T each of red chilli powder, green onion and garlic,
200mils vegetable stock made from boiling kelp with any leftover vegetables, e.g. radish, carrots, onions etc. When using this recipe as a sauce with pork belly use fewer than 5 cheongyang chillies. Make the vegetable stock first with the kelp and the left over vegetables. Cut the cheongyang chillies to make 30 to 40 about 1~2cm cut pieces. Pour sesame oil (1T), chopped green onion, and minced garlic into a pan and stir-fry. Then add the soybean paste, cheonggukjang and red chilli powder and continue Add vegetable stock to the mixture and mix until thickened. Add the rest of the sesame oil and stir until thickened to a paste. Cool the paste in ice water. Mix the paste with the prepared chillies Lastly add the sliced red chill and it is done. Now let’s grill pork belly which goes nicely with this dish. Lightly Sprinkle salt and pepper of the front and back of the pork belly. Cook on a high heat until the belly is browned on both sides then char-grill for delicious Grill it deliciously on a grill or charcoal. Adding the chilli soybean paste with the pork belly will make an even better taste. Really Delicious! Try it and enjoy it. Be healthy. See you next time. Bye~~Bye~~