Japanese Potato Salad (Mom’s Easy Recipe)

(Music) Hi everybody! Welcome back! As you can see, we have my mother here in our kitchen again today She’s visiting from Hawaii and if you haven’t seen her other videoes, make sure to check it out Today, she’s going to be making something special for you guys she’s going to be making her famous potato salad! It’s a Japanese style potato salad Yes! That is my mother’s motto! Anyway, let’s get started! My mother is slicing the eggs So she’s slicing the eggs, okay Squeezing out the excess water See? More water comes out Very important! Ya, so make sure you guys squeeze as much water out of the cucumbers as you can And you add it to the potato salad Yes! My mother’s chunky Japanese potato salad is really good! I tell you Ya, it’s chunky but it’s chunkiness is what makes it special, you know You.. you can see what you’re eating A little bit of pepper And.. a little more salt to taste, yes Yes, really. I think, you know, salt is really, you know, depending on your preference, I think (Soothing music) I’m back!!! Where am I? I am here, I was behind the camera today Satoshi: Cucumber colour is beautiful! Shinichi: It is! And there’s egg there’s potatoes I love how chunky it is Itadakimasu! Mhmmm! Satoshi: Restaurant quality? Restaurant quality. Better than restaurant quality. Wow! Really. Good. I have to take another bite Mhmmmm! Rolled cabbage! A stuffed cabbage Because one of you requested I think my mother will make that Do you know daigaku imo? Daigaku imo. It’s like a sweet deep fried sweet potato snack with this really thick, gloppy syrup! But it’s delicious! And it’s very very traditional Japanese sweet Anyway let us know what you thought in the comments down below And if you have any requests for my mother let us know that as well and she will try to make it for you Thanks so much for watching guys! And see you guys really soon! BYE BYE!