HOW TO MAKE VEGAN PIZZA ‣‣ 3 Amazing Pizza Recipes

(peaceful music) – Hi, friends, welcome to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. Today I have got one
of my favorite recipes to share with you, and it is
gluten-free and vegan pizza. But instead of just showing you how to make one single pizza, I’m gonna show you how to
make a delicious crust, and then we are going to
top it three different ways. So this is a great option
if you’re having people over and wanna have a little pizza party. You can serve all three varieties. It’s also great because
you can make up the crust and make the different
toppings if you want. Or if you’re just looking for
something fun and exciting to kinda change things up
in the pizza department, these recipes hopefully
will help you do that. So this is a brand new crust that I just shared on the blog today. If you wanna try it, I have linked it down in the
description box below for you. But if this isn’t your jam the crust wise, you can totally use whatever
type of pizza crust you want, whether it’s my quinoa pizza crust that I’ve shared before on the blog, maybe it’s another store-bought
pizza crust that you like or another pizza crust
recipe online that you like. Totally fine, you can use that as the base and then have fun with the toppings using the toppings that we have here. So like I said, we have
three different kinds. One is kind of the more
traditional red sauce variety. We’ve got a pesto variety, and then we’ve got a really
fun, unique, creative variety at the end which I think
you guys are going to love. It’s actually my personal favorite. And it’s fun, it’s unique,
it’s, ugh, it’s just so good. So before we dive in, I
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little button before you go. Otherwise, let’s go ahead
and hop into the recipe. We’re gonna start by making the crust, and that involves just six ingredients. So we’re gonna start with
almond flour in a large bowl, followed by some quinoa
flour, some psyllium husk, sea salt, olive oil, and water. And then just use a spatula
to stir it all together until it forms a thickish dough. You might need to use
your hands a little bit to kind of work everything together, but it should come
together into a nice ball. Once you’ve got your ball, you can place that onto a flat surface that is lined with parchment paper. And use your hands to
kind of spread it out into an even circle and
then use a rolling pin to gently roll it out. And the next step is totally optional, but if you would like
a little kind of lip, like a crust like most pizza crusts have, just kind of roll it
over with your fingers and then just form a little edge. Once you’re happy with the shape
and the crust or edge size, you can just pop this
right on a baking sheet. And I recommend piercing
it with a fork a few times just to remove any sort
of bubbles as it bakes. And you’ll pop this in an
oven for about 15 minutes until it’s nice and golden brown. And that is your crust, and now we will move on to
our three topping ideas. So topping number one is
just a classic red sauce. We are gonna top that with about 1/2 a cup of red tomato sauce. Follow that up with some
thinly sliced mushrooms and some thinly sliced peppers. I like to use a variety of colors. I have green, yellow, and red here. And that’s pretty much it for this one. We’re just gonna pop this back in the oven for about 10 more minutes or so until the toppings are cooked and the crust is beautifully golden brown. And then to finish it off, we are gonna finish it
with some nutritional yeast as well as some red pepper flakes. And this is just your kind of classic, simple red tomato sauce pizza. It’s so good. I think it’s definitely
one of those ones that if people aren’t up for going
outside of their comfort zone, this is the one to stick with. (gentle acoustic music) Our second one is going
to be a vegan pesto pizza. So you’re gonna top that
with some vegan pesto, whether it’s store-bought or homemade. I will link the one that I
have shared on the channel down below for you. But it’s just kind of
1/2 a cup of vegan pesto. Spread it out evenly. And then we’re gonna top it
with some shaved asparagus. So all you have to do to do
this is just take a stalk of asparagus and use a vegetable peeler and just basically peel it and then put the peeled
asparagus on top of the pizza. And then we’re just gonna
sprinkle it with some green peas. I actually just thawed some frozen ones and popped them right on here. And you’ll pop this in the oven for another 10 minutes or so. And then to finish this pizza off, we’re gonna sprinkle it
with some nutritional yeast, top it with some fresh arugula which gives it a really nice bite, and a little drizzle of olive
oil, a crack of fresh pepper. And then I like to give the illusion that I’m putting on Parmesan, and how I do this is just I use a zester and I zest some macadamia nuts so it kinda gives the illusion of Parmesan and makes it look kinda fancy. And then you can just
slice this bad boy up and enjoy it as is. I will say this one because
it has the fresh arugula, it doesn’t reheat quite as well, so if you are not serving it right away, I would not top it with
the arugula right away, and I would just top it with the arugula when you’re ready to serve it. (gentle acoustic music) And then the last one
is our kinda fun pizza. We’re gonna actually start
by sauteing the toppings. We’re gonna add some
olive into a small pan, followed by some shallots. Give that a quick saute
until they are soft. Add in some garlic powder
and some salt and pepper. And again, give this a quick saute until everything is combined. Then you’re gonna add in two
large handfuls of spinach and add a little dash of water just to help kinda steam everything. And give it a quick saute until
everything is nice and soft. This should take about two minutes or so. From there, set that aside
and move on to your crust. We’re gonna top the crust with
some butternut squash puree. So I actually just used
canned butternut squash puree. You could also use pumpkin. And you’re just gonna use your spoon to kind of spread it out evenly, and this is gonna act as
our quote-unquote sauce. From there, top it with those
cooked green and shallots and just evenly spread them
out as much as you can. And then to finish this one off, we’re actually gonna sprinkle it with some chive Kite Hill cream cheese. This is totally optional, but it gives it a really nice creaminess which I absolutely love. You could also do a vegan mozzarella, or you could do vegan
regular cheese if you wanted. I just had some of this in the fridge, and I thought it was gonna be really good, and it was, (laughs) so
I highly recommend this if you can get your hands on the Kite Hill chive cream cheese. So do your dollops of the cream cheese, pop it back in the oven for
another 10 minutes or so, and then just finish it off
with a sprinkle of fresh thyme, some red pepper flakes for heat,
and some nutritional yeast. And again, you can just
slice it up and enjoy. This is definitely my favorite. It’s so good. I know it doesn’t seem quite traditional, but the combination of butternut squash, the garlicky vegetables, and the Kite Hill chive cream
cheese is just to die for. (gentle acoustic music) And there you have it, my friends. I hope you enjoyed today’s pizza video. These are so fun for me to
make because I love showing you how to make one kind of staple recipe and then give you some ways
to kind of change it up to make it feel brand new. So once you’ve kinda mastered
this one pizza crust, now you can come back to this video. You can try all three varieties. You guys are gonna love all three. I can’t wait to hear
which one you make first. If you do end up trying one, definitely come back to this post, let me know what you think. And I would also just love to know which you’re most excited about. Why don’t you just
leave one, two, or three down in the comments, and then I can kinda gauge
which one is the most popular. For me, I love number three. I know it’s really fun and different and might sound a little bit strange, but I promise it is so good. So like I said in the
beginning of the video, this crust is now up on the blog, so if you wanna try to make it, you can find that down in
the description box below. I also included all of
the topping instructions, ingredients on that post, so everything that you
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