How to Make the Ultimate One-Pot Vegetarian Pasta Recipe

Today I´m gonna show you how to make an amazing One-Pot Vegetarian Pasta that´s super easy to make it uses a beautiful array of vegetables can be easily veganized by just simply removing the fresh mozarella and it´s done in 45 minutes you know there´s something about one-pot pasta dishes that just gives you a sense of accomplishment when you´re done with them you know it´s kinda like Tom Hanks in that movie where he´s in the island and he makes fire for the first time and he´s like ¨I´ve made fire¨ you know when you´re serving a one-pot pasta to the table you just feel like a big achievement inside of you ok let´s get started now for this recipe I´m not gonna be finely mincing or dicing any of the vegetables I´m gonna cut them into bigger pieces it just gives this dish a better presentation and texture so let´s begin by thinly slicing 6 cloves of garlic then thinly slice 1/2 of an onion next I´ve got this beautiful zucchini here I´m gonna cut it into thin slices then stack up the slices and cut them right down the middle to end up with some half moons now I´ve got this red bell pepper here this is how I like to cut them because it easily removes the seeds and you wanna cut it into strips that are about 1 inch long and finally I´ve got some fresh basil here I´m gonna grab about 12 basil leaves I´m gonna stack them from largest in the bottom to smallest on top then tightly roll them kinda like a cigar cut it right down the middle and start chopping the basil ok let´s start making our pasta dish now the pan I´m gonna be using to make this recipe is a large non-stick frying pan you know this is large enough to hold all the ingredients so make sure the pan you´re using is large enough to hold everything what we´re going to do is heat this with a medium-high heat and I´m gonna add about 2 tablespoons of pine nuts into the pan and we´re gonna dry roast these for about 3 minutes you wanna make sure that you´re continuously moving the pine nuts around that way they don´t burn and they cook evenly after about 3 minutes I´m gonna take the pine nuts out of the pan put the pan back into the stove top now using the same heat a medium-high heat I´m gonna add between 2-3 tablespoons of extra virgin Spanish olive oil then you wanna add the thinly sliced garlic and the thinly sliced onions and mix them around with the oil you wanna mix this occasionally and we´re gonna cook it between 2-3 minutes after about 3 minutes I´m gonna add the pieces of red bell pepper into the pan and mix them with the garlic and onions you wanna mix this continuously that way nothing burns about 3 minutes after adding the bell peppers I´m gonna add the zucchini into the pan and again you wanna mix this continuously that way none of the ingredients burn 3 minutes after adding the zucchini season everything with sea salt freshly cracked black pepper and a generous teaspoon of dried oregano and mix everything together then you wanna add a 1/4 cup of white wine and gently mix everything together about 2 minutes after adding the wine and all the alcohol has evaporated I´m gonna add 1 can of diced tomatoes then season again with sea salt freshly cracked black pepper a pinch of white sugar to cut the acid and the finely chopped basil and mix everything together until it´s well combined about 3 minutes after adding the diced tomatoes into the pan I´m gonna add 1 3/4 cups of water into the pan then season again with sea salt and give it all a quick mix and you wanna get in there and give it a taste make sure that all the flavors are there that its got enough seasonings you want it to have a bit of a salty flavor to it because once you add the pasta in there it´s gonna take a lot of that salt away once the water comes to a boil I´m gonna be adding the pasta I´m gonna be adding 2 cups whole wheat penne pasta I like to measure out 1 cup per person this recipe serves 2 people that´s 2 cups also I love to use whole wheat penne pasta just because it has a better texture and flavor to it once you add the pasta get in there and mix it around that way it´s evenly distributed about 9 minutes after adding the pasta into the boiling water place a lid on the pan and lower the fire to a LOW heat 3 minutes after adding the lid into the pan our pasta should be perfectly cooked let´s go ahead and remove it from the stove top take the lid off I´m gonna add a couple balls of fresh mozzarella in there then place the lid back into the pan just for about a minute so the cheese can melt after about a minute I´m gonna take the lid off then I´m gonna evenly divide the toasted pine nuts on top of the pasta and garnish it with some freshly chopped basil ok our dish is done it looks so beautiful I´m gonna get in there and give this a try let you guys know how it turned out ok here we go…salud! truly a stunning flavor to this pasta the penne pasta is perfectly al dente remember when you´re using whole wheat penne pasta or any type of whole wheat pasta takes a little bit longer to cook than white pasta and another thing when you´re making one-pan pasta dishes they tend to be starchy just because the water stays in there you know you´re not draining the water like you would normally so you have to add a lot of flavors to it for that starchiness not to take over that was accomplished in this recipe it´s just absolutely stunning flavor upon flavor everything…you can taste everything the pine nuts add a beautiful crunch to it and the fresh mozzarella a beautiful creaminess ok guys this is truly a stunning recipe it´s one for the books if you enjoyed today´s video on making this pasta please hit that like button leave me a comment below and don´t forget to subscribe 🙂 until the next time…Hasta Luego!!