How to make Paneer by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Cooking

Today I will be making paneer. Paneer is a home made Indian cheese. And it is used in many many different ways. Making desserts, appetizers and side dish. Right now I will be making paneer with 6 cups of milk. And it needs little less than 1/4 cup of lemon juice. And I have 1/2 cup of water. So boil the milk on medium high. And try to use the heavy bottom pan so milk doesn’t burn. So we need to stir the milk occasionally. And wait till it comes to boil. It has been about 10 minutes and milk is coming to boil. So I am going to mix this lemon juice with water. And pour it slowly. And you see milk has started separating. So just wait few more minutes. And close the heat. Looks like I need little bit more lemon juice. So you see the it has been curdling up and getting separated. And we just have to wait for couple of minutes. And strain the water. So I have to take the water out from the paneer. So I need this strainer and you can use cheesecloth or muslin cloth. Now I am going to take the paneer in the sink and pour the cold water over it. To remove the flavor of lemon juice. And paneer will get cool off little bit so it’s easy to squeeze for me. So I don’t burn my hands. Now I am going to squeeze some of this water. Because I have run the cold water over paneer so it has made it very easy for me to squeeze the water out. Paneer is ready. Still if you feel that water is not out you can press this under the heavy pot for about half an hour. So to check if paneer is ready you can just take little paneer and just see it. And after rubbing it for few minutes you should be able to make a smooth ball. So looks like this paneer is done. So for if I am making rasgullas, rasmalai or chum chum anything first I have to make rasgulla I like to use the 2% milk. But if you need to make sandesh or anything like sandesh or burfi then it’s better to use the 4% milk. For paneer just for the dish making, cooking with the vegetable you can use 2% or 4 % milk it will not make any difference. So this one I am making it for rasgullas so I have used the 2% milk. This paneer has been sitting under the heavy pan for about an hour. So this is firm enough to make the subji’s like palak paneer or mutter paneer. And so you cut these in any size of cubes you would like. Thank you. And I will see you again with a new recipe.