How To Make A Goats Cheese Mousse With Pickled Beetroot Salad: Simply Gourmet

I’m Rich Harris, and welcome back to my Simply
Gourmet series, where I’ll be showing you how to take the fear out of entertaining,
and take your dinner parties to the next level. In this episode I’m showing you how to make
a luxurious goat’s cheese mousse, with a warm pickled beetroot salad. [Music] So the first thing I need to do is whisk up
some egg whites. So I’ve got two egg whites and a pinch of salt. I need to whisk those
to stiff peaks. That’s what we’re looking for, nice, stiff
peaks that hold up really, really well. So just scrape those into a bowl. So into our mixing bowl I’ve got 200 grams
of soft goat’s cheese. Make sure you use the rindless goat’s cheese, it’s nice and soft
and smooth, and to that I’m adding a hundred mills of double cream. For a full list of ingredients, check the
description box. I’m just going to whisk that nice and slowly,
just so the cream and goat’s cheese are combined and nice and smooth.
As they start to combine you can whisk a little bit harder. So now that those are combined, we need to
add some milk. I’ve got some milk just gently warming on
the stove, and to this I’m going to add a sheet of gelatin, and that’s going to help
to set the mousse, and also to set and trap all the air that we’re going to keep in there.
Just one leaf of gelatin that’s been soaking in cold water for about ten minutes. Squeeze
out the excess moisture, add it to the milk, and just give it a gentle swirl around, just
to melt that gelatin into the milk. I’m just going to pour that in with the goat’s cheese
and cream, and just whisk again, nice and slowly. So that’s what we’re looking for, nice and
smooth. I’m just going to add the goat’s cheese, about
a third at a time. First though we’re going to really beat it. Fold the egg whites in
a third at a time, keeping in as much air as possible, to give it a really nice light
goat cheese mousse. So the egg whites are folded in. It’s really
luxurious and smooth. All that’s left to do is pour it into a bowl and transfer it to
the fridge for about an hour to an hour and a half, just to chill until set. If you’ve enjoyed this recipe and want to
see more like it, click the subscribe button, follow us on Twitter, or come find us on Facebook. Now to go with the Goat’s Cheese Mousse, I’m
going to a do a really simple warm Pickled Beetroot Salad. So I’ve got some shop bought
cooked beetroot, and that just needs to be cut into diced cubes. Because this is such
a simple dish, we want to keep everything looking really pretty, so just chop the rest
of the beetroot into nice, even cubes. So now that our beetroot is ready we need
to heat up some sugar and sherry vinegar in a pan. Sherry vinegar and beetroot are a match
made in heaven, really nice and sweet but sharp as well. I just need plenty of sherry vinegar, and
a spoonful of sugar. You can always adjust the flavors to taste. A pinch of salt, and then add the beetroot. As the beetroot is already cooked, it just
needs warming through, so just cook gently for a couple of minutes and then strain the
beetroot off, and then pour the liquid back into the pan, and just reduce it for another couple of minutes
until it’s really nice and sticky. When you’re cooking out vinegar like this,
it can be quite potent, but don’t worry, it will taste great against the goat’s cheese. So that’s what we’re looking for. So just reduce the heat and set aside. So the goats cheese mousse has set nice and
firm, and is going to be really light and smooth and creamy. I’ve also made some little
croutons: all I’ve done is slice half of a baguette, brushed it with a bit of oil, and
baked it in the oven until it’s nice and crisp. So to our warm beetroot, we just need to add
some tarragon. This is something you want to do right at
the last minute because the warmth of the beetroot will actually wilt the leaves of
the tarragon. Because this is such a simple dish and there
are some really vibrant colors, we want everything to sing on the plate. So when plating up,
we need to make it look as good as we can. So just take a small bit of goat cheese mousse, take one of the croutons, and that will stick
it in place. Then take a hot spoon and just drag it through
the goat’s cheese mousse, and sit it on top. Add another crouton, and then just a nice little spoonful of our
beetroot. And now just a little bit of watercress for
an extra bit of color, and finally, some of that nice reduction we
made on there. So there you have it: my Goat’s Cheese Mousse
with Warm PIckled Beetroot and Watercress. If you’ve enjoyed this recipe, I hope to see
you back in the kitchen again soon for another episode of my Simply Gourmet Series. [Music]