How to Be Vegetarian : Grains in Vegetarian Diets

This clip is about grains. Grains are an incredible
source. They are so healthy. You want to flush all that cholesterol out of your system, turn
to your grains. My ex-sister-in-law used to take whole oatmeal, cook the oatmeal, rolled
oatmeal. She’d cook that with seven grains, just the cracked grains, and make like a porridge
in the morning and she would add jelly to it. It was really good and exceedingly good
for you. Don’t get the fast cooking rolled oats in the grocery store. I don’t even like
the ones that are non-fast cooking. I prefer to go to the health food store and buy the
actual heavy rolled oats. You’ll have to be careful, this is Texas. And in Texas, your
bugs are going to love them. Why do the bugs love grains? Because they’re good for them
and they know that. So anything you can find that the bugs are into, you better be putting
it in the refrigerator because it’s really good for you. Take these whole oats, put them
in water, soak them overnight, and you’ll find that they’ll cook really fast for you
in the morning. You can also find them in your breakfast bars. They’re wonderful that
way. But, half of the time, that is how eat them. So, you can also add your wheat germ,
I think, in your grains. It’s good for you but, you’re going to have to buy it at the
health food store and they’re going to have it in the refrigerator because it’s going
to go stale on you really, really fast. But, it’s worth the effort and the taste is so
much toastier and so much happier and healthier feeling once you eat. You’ll love it once
you get used to it.