Detox Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad Recipe

– Hey, what up you guys? Chef Billy Parisi here
from, and today, I’m gonna be
whipping up a delicious shaved brussel sprout salad
with all sorts of goodies all over the top. Man, I don’t know about you
guys, but after the holidays, whether it be winter or the
string in the summer there, I feel like hot garbage
after eating all this stuff. Super heavy casseroles, or
whether I’m eating burgers and hotdogs every other
weekend during the summer, I need a detox. I’m sick of feeling like 15
different kinds of booties. So here’s what we’re gonna do, you guys. We’re gonna do a five series
detox so we can get back to feeling good, get back in the gym, because man, I need a little
break from all this stuff. So what we’re gonna do
is whip up this amazing shaved brussel sprout salad. Yeah, try to say that 10 times fast. Crazy, can barely do it on this. So, I’m gonna show you first,
how to pickle some onions. So go ahead and using a mandoline slicer, or unless you’ve got some
insane, mad knife skills, slice up a red onion very thin. Now, in a bowl, we’re gonna
add in some red wine vinegar. We’re gonna hit it with some sugar. Little bit of salt. Go ahead and whisk that
together until it is combined. It’s okay if there’s some of
those granules at the bottom of that bowl. Go ahead and add in those onions, give a little mix, press down,
make sure they are submerged. And only 20 to 30 minutes,
put ’em in the refrigerator. You’re gonna get a really
nice pickle on these onions. Now, let’s hard boil some eggs. So go over to your cooktop,
add a pot of water on there. Crank that heat up to high. Once it comes to a boil,
go ahead and add your eggs, and do it gently, or else
the egg’s gonna crack, and you’re gonna get whites everywhere. We’re gonna cook it for four minutes. After that time, put a cap
on it, turn the heat off, and cook it for another four minutes. Now, the eggs are done. They’re gonna have a
little, slightly soft yolk in the middle. That’s exactly how I like it. Over to the sink. Drain some of that water off. It’s too hot, hit it with some ice. It’s gonna help chill it. And then, simply add in some cool water all the way to the top. We’re gonna let it sit until
it gets down nice and cool or to room temperature. Now, we’re gonna make a
really simple vinaigrette. If you have a favorite
vinaigrette that you love from the store, just use that. You’ll save just a couple minutes. But I’m gonna show you
how to make one of mine. It’s delicious, and it’s
gonna go really, really well with our brussel sprout salad. So in a bowl, go ahead and
add in some lemon juice. Just gonna squeeze this in using my hand to catch any seeds. Next, we’re gonna hit it with
some apple cider vinegar. We’re gonna add in just a
little bit of mayonnaise to help sort of emulsify our vinegarette. Not too much, we wanna keep
this on the healthy side. Next, we’re gonna add in some fresh thyme. Follow it up with just a wee bit of sugar. You can absolutely
substitute with honey here. We’re gonna season it
up with salt and pepper. And last but not least, we
are gonna drizzle in some oil. Please use a healthier
oil like an algae oil or a grape seed oil
would work perfect here. Whisk it together until it’s nice and creamy and emulsified. Set it to the side. Now, it is time to just
prep up our vegetables. We’re gonna assemble and dig in. Detox time, homies. So we’re gonna start
off by thinly slicing up some fresh fennel on the mandoline. Now, to make sure the
fennel doesn’t turn colors, ’cause it will brown quickly, we’re just gonna simply hold it in a bowl full of cold water. It’s gonna help keep it
crisp and nice and white. And now, we’re gonna
medium-dice up some apples. I’m gonna be using a combination
of granny smith and Fuji. Just go ahead and remove
them from the core, and then, medium to large, dice them up, both the granny smith, then the Fuji. You could use a honey
crisp or even a gala apple would be fine. And here’s another little
trick that I learned way back in the day. Apples seem to turn really quickly. Obviously, they get really brown. And a lot of people use
water or maybe a little lemon juice in water. They still kinda turn brown. The best solution I have
for this is pineapple juice. They will literally hold up to 48 hours, be crisp, be in color,
will not brown on you. You’re welcome. So hold them in some pineapple juice in case you wanna make
this salad for later. And next, we’re gonna be
using some pomegranate seeds. Dude, these things can be impossible to get out of that shell. Here’s a really quick,
easy way to get ’em out and quickly and intact. Go ahead and slice that
pomegranate right in half, flip it over, and using
a heavy wooden spoon, just simply smack it all the way around, and you’ll notice they start
to fall out like rain, dude. They will be all over your cutting board, and you will sing rejoicely that holy cow, these things all came out without
that white pit everywhere. And dude, awesome trick,
super easy to use. We’re gonna do it with
those pomegranate seeds. Last but not least, we’ve
got the brussel sprouts. I’m gonna be using a mandoline again. You can, for sure, use a
knife if you’ve got some awesome knife skills. Go ahead and hone those if you do. On the mandelin, super thin. Shave those brussel sprouts. This is gonna take just
maybe five minutes or so because we’re doing
two pounds of brussels. Shave ’em nice and thin. And now, it’s time to plate
up our delicious salad. So we’ve got a huge bowl
of shaved brussel sprouts. Next, I’m gonna add on
some of that shaved fennel. We’re gonna hit it with
some dried cherries. Gonna add some really awesome,
tart sweetness to the salad. Gonna hit it with some sliced almonds. Some of those delicious
apples we diced up. Some blue cheese for some
awesome contrast to this salad. Some of those pickled onions. The eggs that we boiled up. Pomegranate seeds, and last but not least, in all Chef Billy Parisi-style, we’re gonna put in some micro-greens. Boom, we are done. Let’s give it a shot. You guys, this salad looks amazing. The flavor combination is to die for. You are gonna love this. Seriously, no joke. And if you saw some of
that beginning footage in this video, you saw
there were some salmon and some chicken. I’m not including that
as part of the recipe because you know, we’ve got eggs, we’ve got some protein in there. But I did wanna put it in there ’cause it does go great in this salad. If you wanna a little bit of extra seafood or chicken in there
just ’cause you wanna do a heavy protein diet
starting this new year or after any crazy food holiday, this is just some really
great things to add in. They go wonderfully. Let’s not wait any longer,
let’s try it out. (upbeat music) Bro, mm, that dressing is killer. Had a little salmon on mine. Love salmon. The blue cheese, cherry,
apple combo, dude. All right, come back next week. Gonna be detox time, you guys. Cho, choking on my own spit. Be sure to click some
of those little icards that are coming up because
they are gonna take you to that next detox recipe. All right, y’all, we’ll
catch up with you later. (upbeat music)