Chat Pat Salad – Indian way by vahchef

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal welcome back to another session with your VahChef at i just want to show you very tasty and
awesome salad of course we’re going to use radish for this so what we’re going to do is first we’re
going to grate all this vegetables specially radish carrot…; one of my
favorite vegetables to eat is raw carrot we’re going to chop the rest of the
vegetables we’re going to have some garlic, bell
pepper, onion, cucumber we’re going to add some curry leaves and
coriander just we’re going to chop them of course for every chaat we need to use
some lemon to make this chatpata and very healthy salad i’m going to add some peanuts and fried
channa dal and also add some cumin seeds once you get the nice awesome aroma of
cumin seeds we’re going to add some olive oil olive oil olive oil is meant like more of a
salad oil rather than a cooking oil in this we’re going to add radish you know all the grated vegetables in
this the grated radish goes first this sauteeing of radish will make it even
more tasty once you feel good about it; then we’re going
to add grated carrot and all these don’t need to cook you can also add roughly cut garlic and
just let these both saute little bit before you add any of this bring in your salt sprinkle a little bit switch off the flame now you can add
rest of the ingredients you are curry leaf and coriander leaf, bell pepper, finely chopped onion cucumber lastly we going to squeeze in
some lemon juice – and one last toss this awesome healthy salad chaat is ready
to serve just serve this very very tasty salad it is got a little bit of hotness that
is because of bell pepper and the bite of the peanut and everything is
very very tasty sometimes people tell you that you have
to lose some weight that’s what’s happening with me
everybody is telling Sanjay watch out your weight on the top if you want to
add some chopped tomato also is perfect it’s not just a salad you can eat it
like a meal if you have a toast or something this is excellent but the taste of the
salad is more important and also when you see these awesome colors you can be
guaranteed that is going to be very very tasty and of course with every bite you have to say Vahrehvah.. mmm wow very very tasty very healthy and awesome I hope you enjoyed today’s session, please
post your recipes and cooking tips at so others can
benefit from your great cooking.