Better Irrigation on Corn, Wheat and Soybeans with LEPA Close Spacing – Interview with Bob Holloway

My name is Bob Holloway we’re in Mingo,
Kansas. Beginning farmer. I’m 35 years old. My wife and I have we own a little bit
of property we’re small farmers compared to most other farmers in the area. Some
of the conditions that we face in western Kansas are drought, high winds,
high dry winds, low humidities – and that can vary from year to year. There can be
some wet years like we’ve we’ve experienced this spring with wet
conditions but traditionally it’s it’s a hot dry climate in the summer times
temperatures average in the mid to upper 90s sometimes the low 100’s are not uncommon causes great great amount of evaporation
from from these fields that are being irrigated the crops mainly corn wheat
soybeans we we’re not totally all no-till we wear minimum till we strip
till to apply our fertilizer for corn and then we don’t touch it
you know we plant right into the strip till row so that’s a minimum tillage
application the applicator heads for the irrigation how did I choose those doing
research online trying to figure out something different than what we are
currently using it just was not that effective one hour low gallon wells
we’re trying to grow full circles on low gallons which is a challenge and walking
the fields after the the pivot went around and we’re only wedding you know
in top inch of the soil and you know we can have later it’s completely dry and
hard there’s just something something has to
be different we have to do something different and that’s what I started
doing a little research on the senator bubblers and I saw that there’s
technology introduced back in the 80s and so I went into my local signature
dealer Wolfe der construction irrigation and he said
well yeah that technology and that Quadra spray is there still available
but they have something that’s probably even better and so we looked at the the
up-3 the bubbler set up and I just flat out a scale and I mean is this is there
something that it’s gonna work I mean that’s gonna make us money and allow us
to continue farming and irrigating and he said yeah this is the latest and
greatest thing so I went with it we figured out what we were needing to
do smarter spacing got the components installed it after that first year
completely sold on the bubbler pads just the health of the crop and watching the
water hit the ground the soil surface and disappearing
I knew that good things were happening since we were not wetting this the
leaves of the plant we didn’t have all the evaporation and also not wetting the
entire soil surface I mean is a no-brainer for for anybody that can see
that the water is getting into the ground the root zone where it needs to
be it makes more sense to me to invest in
the technology this can allow us to continue to to grow full circles well I
well we’re using the same amount of water it’s around two hundred and sixty
gallons but it’s you being used so much more effectively it’s not I don’t see it
is being really more efficient but it’s more effective and that’s what you want
you want you want to use your money invest your money and something that’s
going to be effective you can see it with your own eyes so it makes a lot of